How to Flirt Over Text

The Biggest Do’s and Don’ts of Flirting through Text

A lot of guys aren’t sure how to flirt over text. Fortunately, The Art of Charm has spent many, many hours analyzing and studying the art of flirting through text. What are the best ways to flirt over text and make the most out of it? It’s actually a lot easier than you think and here are the ways to flirt with a girl over text. But it’s important to know the do’s as well as the don’t when it comes to texting. Here’s a crash course on how to flirt over text.

Do: Flirt Over Text

Texting isn’t a good way to get to know someone. It is, however, a great way to build attraction, create interest and deepen attraction. So don’t underestimate the value of flirting with a girl over text. Use text and other text-based forms of communication for flirting. Especially for men who are a little shy, it can be a great way to say things you might be nervous about saying in person. Stick to flirty things to text a girl.

Don’t: Get to Know Her

So why not get to know her while you’re at it? Basically because you’re missing out on a huge part of what makes communication what it is. There’s no body language. There’s no tone of voice. It’s just words. Save getting to know her for when the two of you are actually together.

Do: Get Her to Go on a Date

Texting isn’t an end to itself. When it comes to flirting with a girl over text, you want to always be moving things toward getting her to go on a date with you. When you reach a high point in the discussion, you want to tell her that the two of you should get together. Suggest a date and try to maintain that playful tone!

Don’t: Waste Your Time

Not  everyone is going to be interested in you. That’s fine. Instead of sinking endless hours into someone who just isn’t that into communicating with you, spend your time on people who are. If you’re texting her and getting one-word responses, move on. The energy you’re putting into it would be better used finding someone else.

Do: Initiate

As a man, it’s kind of your job to initiate. Sorry, but it’s hard-wired into our species through thousands of years of human evolution. Don’t always wait for her to be the one to contact you. Because more often than not, it’s going to mean that she starts looking for someone else.

Don’t: Respond Immediately All the Time

We’re not saying that you should keep girls hanging for the sake of it. However, don’t feel like you need to respond right away to everything that she says to you. Especially a flirt text with a girl. Give yourself room to breathe. Give yourself space. That’s the best way. You’ll come across as confident and you’ll give her the space to want you.

Do: Use Emoticons

Sure, you don’t use them with your bros.. but she’s not one of your bros. Emoticons keep things light and playful and they allow you to communicate when you’re joking around. Remember what we said earlier about how texting removes a lot of how people communicate? Emoticons are by no means a perfect replacement, but they help to restore some of what gets lost. So by all means, explore the wonders of flirting through text. Just be tactful about it. Now you know some flirty texts to send her 😉

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