Texting 101: How To Successfully Entertain A Girl Over Text

Everyone is texting these days, but not everyone is being effective with it. You’ve probably been in this situation before: You met a girl out at a club, you two really hit it off. Then you start texting the next day and it all falls apart, but you don’t know why. What you need are some text tips on how to entertain a girl over text. We’ve put together four do’s and a single don’t that are going to help you take your text game to the next level.

DO: Joke Around With Her

Joking around with a woman is the best way for how to entertain a girl over text. Call back to something funny that happened when you two were out at the club. Make jokes that work in text form and don’t be afraid to use your emoticons to sell the point. Reminding her of something funny that the two of you laughed at helps to cement the connection that’s already been made. From there, you can keep making her laugh and smile, which is one of the most powerful ways to form attraction.

DO: Push the Flirt Envelope

A lot of guys, when they text are a little nervous about pushing the envelope with regard to flirting. Don’t be. She already has expressed interest in you. What’s more, a sense of humor helps to grease gears in this regard. Once she’s laughing and smiling, it’s the perfect time for you to be flirtatious in a playful, but not “jokey” sort of way. Remember to try and keep that smile on her face while also getting her interested in what’s going to come next.

DO: Move Things Toward a Date

What’s going to come next when you start texting should be a date. Joke around, flirt a bit and then make a date.

The best way to do this is to just say something like “I’m going hiking this weekend. You should come with me.” It’s a more confident way of asking and if she can’t make it, or isn’t interested, she’ll let you know. If she does, don’t give up there: Ask her to do something else or the same thing at a different time.

Remember: She’s already shown to you that she’s interested in giving you her phone number. If she’s not into the date, chances are that it’s more that she’s busy or that she’s not interested in that particular date than that she’s not interested in you.

DON’T: Get to Know Her Over Text

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes that men make when it comes to their text game: Using texting for “getting to know you” type chit chat. This is something best saved for when the two of you are hanging out together. It can get a little boring when you do it over text, and besides… isn’t the whole point of getting together to get to know one another better? Save the best stuff for when you two are up close and in person.

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