How to Make a Girl Chase You

Want to know how to make a girl chase you? Let her see that you’re a guy worth chasing. Show her you’re the attractive, high-value man that all women want and you’ll get her chasing you in no time. For tips on just how to attract women this way, read on.

How to Make a Girl Chase You: Confidence is a Must

It’s no secret that confidence is the #1 thing all women want in a man. So if you’re going to get a woman to notice you and ultimately get her to chase you, you’ve got to show her you’re the confident man women want.

You can show a woman confidence before you even meet her by having strong, confident body language. To do this, avoid excess body movements like fidgeting or shuffling about aimlessly. Instead, keep your body movements purposeful and controlled. Whenever you move or walk, do so with intent and direction. This will help you look confident to the women that notice you.

Make Her Laugh

Next to confidence, the other trait all women want in men is a sense of humor. Now, this this doesn’t mean you have to be the funniest guy in the room or rattle off jokes nonstop. Instead, you just need to establish that you have the ability to make her laugh.

A well-placed joke or banter line will work wonders in making a girl laugh and therefore building attraction with women. If being funny when talking with a woman doesn’t come naturally to you, it can help to have a funny joke, story, or banter line in your back pocket ready to go when needed. For some clever banter lines to use with girls that will help you get her to laugh, check out the banter examples on the Art of Charm Banter Cheat Sheet.

How to Make a Girl Chase You Through Qualification

Now if you want to make her chase you, you’ve got to give her some space to do it. Let her see that you’re not completely sold on her quite yet – and that if things are going to go anywhere, she must win you over.

One way to get a girl to chase you then, is to give her a small obstacle to overcome. A simple question like “So what’s something about you I’d never know just by looking?” is a good question to ask a girl because it provides that challenge. What’s more, she’ll want to answer that question in a way that will get you to see her in a positive light. So simply by answering it, she assumes the role of a woman chasing you. (For more on how to make women chase you through qualification check out the Art of Charm toolbox podcast on qualification)

Women Want What They Can’t Have

If you want to become more attractive to women you’ve got to show that you’re a high-value guy with lots of choice in his dating life. And the best way to show women you’re that guy is to actually be that guy. This is one of the best concepts to understand if you’re trying to win your ex back.

Use Body Language to Make Her Chase You

We already talked about how to use body language to show confidence with women. But you can use body language to build attraction with women in other ways as well.

For example, when approaching a woman and starting a conversation with a girl you just met, be sure to give her some negative body language early in the interaction. Stand shoulder-to-shoulder rather than face to face. Make eye contact about 50% of the time and look way (with purpose and intention) the other 50%. This will keep you from showing too much interest too early (which would ultimately chase the woman away). Instead, she’ll start working to get more of your attention (in other words, it will get her to chase you). Make sure you’re paying attention to the way she makes eye contact with you as well.

Bonus Tip: Get Her to Chase You With Playful Teasing

A great flirting technique that will instantly make women chase you is something called push-pull. The idea here is to playfully push a woman away and get her to question whether or not you are interested in her. You want to do it in a fun way where she thinks you’re kidding, but she’s not sure.

Here’s a banter example of what to say to a girl that demonstrates push pull: During a conversation with a girl, you could say something like: “Aw you’re adorable, you’re like my baby sister”. This is a great way to banter with a girl because it’s a compliment – but at the same time, she doesn’t want to be thought of as your baby sister. She wants to be seen as sexy, desired woman. If she’s at all interested in you then she’s going to want to change the way you see her. It becomes a fun game for her and it will make the girl want to chase you.

(Get more great examples of flirty banter that work!)

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