How AI is Transforming Modern Dating | Liesel Sharabi

In today’s episode, we explore high-value dating with Liesel Sharabi, an associate professor and Director of the Relationships and Technology Lab at Arizona State University. Liesel’s research delves into the impact of communication technologies on romantic relationships, particularly through online dating and mobile apps. Her work, featured in top journals and media outlets like The Wall Street Journal and NPR, examines how AI and virtual reality are reshaping modern romance. Liesel shares her expertise on creating authentic online profiles, managing choice overload, setting realistic expectations, and using AI to find meaningful connections.

Join us for an insightful conversation with Liesel Sharabi, where she reveals the secrets to creating an authentic online dating profile that ignites meaningful connections. Discover how to navigate the overwhelming choices on dating apps to make better decisions, manage your expectations, and find serious relationships in the digital world. Plus, explore the game-changing role of AI in modern dating. Don’t miss this episode packed with tips and strategies to enhance your online dating experience!

What to Listen For

  • Introduction – 0:00
  • Who is Liesel Sharabi, and how did she get involved in the world of dating at an academic level?
  • How did online dating change the way we perceive dating and what we look for in potential partners?
  • The Hidden Impact of Dating Apps on Long Term Relationships – 13:51
  • How are dating apps hurting your ability to connect on a deeper level with potential partners?
  • What mindset should you adopt if you actually want to find a partner on dating apps and not get stuck in an endless loop of matches that don’t go anywhere?
  • Is more technology really the solution to the dating hellscape – 23:45
  • What are companies in the dating “industry” doing to solve the problems many people are encountering around loneliness and how are those “solutions” making things worse?
  • Should you use AI to improve your results on dating apps?
  • Are people still meeting other people in real life? – 31:14
  • What is easier about starting relationships with people you meet in real life and what is harder about starting relationships with people you meet online?
  • How have dating apps changed cultural norms and expectations for each gender?
  • The effects of dating apps on marriage/divorce rates – 41:39
  • How have dating apps changed the landscape of marriage and long term commitment?
  • What does the future of dating and dating apps look like, and how can you prepare for it?

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