How to Be More Attractive to Women | How to Look More Attractive to Women

Interested in knowing how to be more attractive to women? If so, here are a few tips you can use right away on how to be attractive to women and get more women interested in you.

Two young attractive women kissing man, outdoorsHow to attract women with your appearance

Women are attracted to men who can dress well and know how to present themselves to the world. And while every man has his own individual style, there are a few general guidelines all men can follow to be more attractive to women.

To attract women with your appearance be sure to wear clothes that are clean, wrinkle-free, and fit well. Every guy can benefit from a good pair of dark jeans, dark socks, and smudge-free shoes to go with it. Throw on a wrinkle-free shirt button-up shirt that fits – an accessory or two that is unique to you and stands out – and you’ll have an outfit that will definitely get women to notice you in a positive way. (For more on how to attract women with your appearance check out the Art of Charm Podcast episode with stylist Aaron Marino)

How to get a woman interested (by being friendly)

A great way to get women to notice you is to be friendly and social with anybody and everybody. Women will notice the guy who appears to be friends with everyone, so it’s a surefire way to get women interested in meeting you.

So no matter what environment you’re in, see yourself as the social ambassador for everyone there. Start conversations with women, men, staff members, old people – whoever is around. You don’t have to say much or talk for that long. Just throw out some playful banter, a compliment, or simply cheers glasses with people as they walk by. A little bit of interaction can go a long way in making you look like a social, friendly guy that’s attractive to women. (For more on how to banter and start light, friendly conversations with women and people you just met, check out the Art of Charm podcasts on how to banter)

How to get women to approach you

Women are going to be more open to having a conversation with you if they view you like a warm, friendly guy. To give off that impression and get women interested in you, all you have to do is smile.

You never know when a woman will be looking your way. So to make sure you’re always attractive to women you’ll want to keep a smile on your face as much as possible. Show women – and everyone else – that you’re a fun, positive guy who enjoys his life. When women see you enjoying yourself it makes you more attractive to women as they will want to join in on the fun, too.

Attract women through eye contact

When it comes to eye contact with women there are two common mistakes men make that turn women off. The first is men who dart their eyes away the second a girl makes eye contact with them. This shows a lack of confidence with women and immediately destroys any attraction with women. The second mistake comes from guys who leer and give a hard, intense stare that makes the guy look creepy.

A better way to attract women with eye contact is to maintain a soft, relaxed gaze. Look her in the eye but allow your peripheral vision to take in the rest of her as well. To further reduce the intensity and avoid being creepy with women, feel yourself breath while you make eye contact with the woman. This will help you maintain a relaxed, steady gaze that will allow you to come across as warm and confident with women.

Attract women through your lifestyle

Another way to become more attractive to women is to have an interesting life outside of meeting women. In the end, women want a man who follows his passions and makes a positive impact on the world around him. (Plus, when you live a life you love, you can’t help but radiate a vibrant excitement that women want to be around.)

So live your life doing the things you’re passionate about. Travel. Volunteer. Explore hobbies you love. It doesn’t matter if the particular girl you like has the same interests as you or not – what matters is the passion and excitement you get from those interests. That positive energy is what will get women interested in you and ultimate make women want you.

How to be more attractive to women (through your attitude)

Attitudes are contagious. If you have a positive attitude, it’s going to get women to feel good around you and make women want to be with you.

So when talking with a woman you just met or want to date, don’t complain, whine, or maliciously make fun of others. Instead, maintain the positive attitude that attracts women by focusing on positivity. Focus on what’s awesome about your life, about her, about the environment you’re in, etc. Share your positive outlook with her as it will boost her mood – and she’ll love you for it.

To train your brain to be more positive, try keeping a positivity/gratitude journal. After every day, write down 3 things that went well/that you’re grateful for and why (make it something new each day). Practice this and you will naturally develop a positive attitude that attracts women toward you.

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