3 Questions to Build Intimacy & Deepen Relationships | Topaz Adizes

In today’s episode, we tackle the art of building deep connections with Topaz Adizes. Topaz is an Emmy award-winning director, writer, and experienced design architect. With a background in philosophy from UC Berkeley and Oxford University, Topaz has made significant contributions to the fields of intimacy and human connection through his groundbreaking project, The And. His work has been showcased at prestigious festivals such as Cannes and Sundance, and featured in top publications like The New Yorker and The New York Times. Topaz is also the author of 12 Questions for Love: A Guide to Intimate Conversations and Deeper Relationships.

In today’s episode, Topaz Adizes shares why questions are so powerful for creating deep bonds, how to create space for intimate conversations in our lives, when to bring logic in to deepen a relationship conversation, and the secret to developing emotional articulation with your partner.

What to Listen For

  • Introduction – 0:00
  • Who is Topaz Adizes, and how can his insights on communication and relationships transform your career and personal life?
  • How can asking the right questions unlock deeper connections and enhance your leadership skills?
  • What’s the secret to creating a space where your team or partner feels safe to be vulnerable and authentic?
  • Surprising revelations from over 1200 intimate conversations – 11:00
  • What surprising revelations did Topaz uncover from over 1200 intimate conversations, and how can they apply to your high-stakes professional environment?
  • Practical tips for emotional articulation – 20:15
  • How can mastering emotional articulation make you a more effective leader and improve your team’s performance?
  • What are the 12 questions that can revolutionize your personal and professional relationships, and how should you use them?
  • Real-life applications that will change your life – 32:29
  • How have others used Topaz’s methods to transform their relationships and careers, and what can you learn from their experiences?
  • How can you create intentional spaces for deep conversations that foster trust and innovation within your team?
  • Lessons on communication that no one tells us – 45:11
  • What techniques can you use to enhance your communication skills and build stronger connections with your team and loved ones?
  • How do different cultures approach intimate conversations, and what can you learn from their methods to improve your own interactions?
  • Why is it crucial to ask better questions in your professional and personal life, and how can this practice accelerate your career growth?

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