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Well-read Wednesdays – 59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot by Richard Wiseman | Review

Review by Tom Hudson You don’t have to read very far into 59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot (Amazon), before you realize that Richard Wiseman is a man who does his homework. Shortly after his encounter with Sophie, a bright, successful management consultant, the author describes collecting hundreds of behavioral research studies on the subject of increasing happiness. He … Read More

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North Korea, Round 2 (BONUS Episode)

North Korea Again

Jordan Harbinger and Cap’n Joe went BACK to North Korea in 2012 with a whole new group of awesome folks crazy enough to join them. Will you join Jordan, Cap’n Joe and Gabriel in North Korea this year? Learn How to Go to North Korea!   Download audio file Photo Credit: “Cap’n Joe” Ferris, AmericanInNorthKorea.com You might (you WILL) also like our: … Read More

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Sean, 20-Something Graduate of The Art of Charm (BONUS Episode)

Sean Graduate Job

In this mish-mash of a bonus episode, Sean, an Art of Charm graduate, discusses how The Art of Charm course helped him both in college and when getting a job after college. Afterward, Jordan does a read of one of his favorite articles, sure to wake you up from any excuses you’ve been telling yourself.   Download audio file Here’s the video with Alec … Read More

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Zach Browman, Find Your Focus (Episode #184)

Focus Find Browman

Jordan’s friend Zach Browman of FindYourFocus.com stops by to discuss: -Why New Years resolutions fail -How to set ourselves up for success using realistic goals and finding our focus -How Zach ‘recovered’ from chronic procrastination and is now consistently focused and motivated  After this show, you will know how to: -Set up “supports” for your willpower (social, reward, etc.) -Engineer … Read More

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Richard Grannon, Street Fight Secrets (Episode #181)

Knowledge Grannon MMA

Malaysia/UK-based badass Richard Grannon from StreetFightSecrets.com drops some knowledge on the art of the street fight with the Art of Charm Podcast audience. We’ll discuss: -The two levels of fear (real, physical fear and the stuff we make up in our heads because modern humans don’t have survival needs that aren’t met regularly) -How he learned REAL fear -primal stuff at MMA (Mixed … Read More

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Michael Margolis, Get Storied (BONUS Episode)

Margolis Story Back

Michael Margolis from GetStoried.com drops back in to help Jordan craft a compelling story for The Art of Charm. Also: How to tell people what you do at a cocktail party when you don’t want to go down the rabbit hole. How to tell people what you do when you DO want to go down the rabbit hole. How to craft your own compelling story … Read More

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Dr. Paul Zak, The Moral Molecule (Episode #179)

Oxytocin Zak Advantage

Dr. Paul Zak aka the Hug Doctor/Love Doctor/Oxytocin Doctor/TED-talk Doctor/Doc-of-all-trades and an old friend of the show, finally (after 3+ years!) swings by to talk about his new book and how con men use Oxytocin and trust, and how we can use oxytocin to our advantage on the daily. Also: -He’s a neuroeconomist.  What the heck is that? -Are people good … Read More

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Book Review: Rewire Your Brain by John Arden

“If you want to change your life, you need to change your brain”   One of the big finds in recent neuroscience is the discovery of neuroplasticity.  Our brains are not hard-wired from birth.  If there is something your brain does that you don’t like (a bad habit you developed, an undesirable personality trait, negative thinking) you can reprogram it … Read More

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