Jen Gottlieb and Chris Winfield | The Art of Being a Super Connector

In today’s episode, we cover connecting and commitment with Jenn Gottlieb and Chris Winfield. Jenn and Chris are the founders of Super Connector Media and have helped hundreds of humans master the art of connection. Connecting with people takes intentional effort, but where should that effort go in today’s digital age, what can you do to take the pressure off … Read More

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Art of Charm | Best of 2015 (Episode 473)

AoC | Best of 2015 (Episode 473)

The Art of Charm team (@TheArtofCharm) recounts personal favorite episodes from 2015. Did your favorite episode get left out? Leave a comment and let us know! The Cheat Sheet: Could you name your five favorite Art of Charm episodes from 2015? Are you sure? You just thought of another five, didn’t you? Or was it more like 10? 20? 30? … Read More

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Olaniyi Sobomehin | I’m Not You (Episode 417)

Here to share with The Art of Charm his secrets to succeeding at anything is former NFL great and current head honcho of "I'm Not You", Olaniyi Sobomehin.

To succeed, focus on what you want and how to get it, nothing more. “Your beliefs really shape what you do or don’t do.” -Olaniyi Sobomehin The Cheat Sheet: When does discipline really count? Why success isn’t as complicated as most people think. A practical exercise to turn fear into confidence. Why physiology plays such a significant role in our … Read More

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Art of Charm Toolbox | Rapport (Episode 415)

On this toolbox episode of The Art of Charm you'll find out the three levels of rapport, and how to use each effectively to develop deeper relationships.

Rapport takes time, patience, and vulnerability. “You have to be interested to be interesting.” – Johnny Dzubak The Cheat Sheet: Why you have to be vulnerable to connect. The three levels of rapport-building. What is floodlighting? How to build rapport if you’re shy or introverted. Why making mistakes is the best way to learn. And so much more… powered by Sounder … Read More

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Dr. Emily Nagoski | Come As You Are (Episode 414)

Dr. Emily Nagoski, author of Come As You Are, explains the science of desire and the two types of desire response on today's episode of The Art of Charm.

Most of us have been taught some BS about sexual desire. “The way to become a person’s type is to treat them in a way that makes them feel really, really good.” -Dr. Emily Nagoski The Cheat Sheet: Why women are easier to turn off than men. What is yucking people’s yums? Dr. Nagoski explains how fetishes develop. How orgasms are … Read More

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Dr. Aubrey de Grey | How We Can Avoid Aging (Episode 413)

Dr. Aubrey de Grey, founder of the non-profit SENS organization, joins The Art of Charm to share how and his team are working to help all of us avoid aging.

Who wants to live forever? You do, and the science of rejuvenating biotechnology aims to make it a possibility. “Aging is the world’s number one problem.” -Dr. Aubrey de Grey The Cheat Sheet: Dr. Aubrey de Grey explains why breathing is bad for us (really). Is a four-digit lifespan truly possible? 100,000 people die every day from old age: true … Read More

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