2021 Year in Review and Behind the Scenes

In today’s episode, we cover what we learned in 2021. 

2021 was a wild ride for everyone, so let’s take a moment to reflect on what we’ve learned, overcome, and how far we’ve come.

What to Listen For

  • Introduction – 0:00
  • What was the most powerful takeaway for negotiating we heard from our guests?
  • What simple and effective strategy can you use to make healthy habits much easier to adopt?
  • Asking for help doesn’t need to be hard – 20:00 
  • What simple mental switch can you flip to make asking for help a positive experience for both people?
  • What proven strategies can you use to better manage your anxiety on a daily basis?
  • Why is the pursuit of balance the wrong goal to chase if you want to be successful?
  • How do AJ and Johnny decide how to interview each guest – 37:01 
  • What can you do to prepare a solid interview experience for anyone you have on a podcast?
  • What have AJ, Johnny, and coach Michael done and learned over the last year and what can you take away from their lessons? 

The podcast has had some amazing guests over the last year. Let’s take a minute to highlight all the game changing tips, tricks, and strategies we’ve learned in 2021.

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