Special 7-year anniversary of The Art of Charm. Robert Greene and Jordan Harbinger discuss mastery, life-purpose and finding mentors to help you get there.

Robert Greene | 7-Year Anniversary Special (Episode 250)

Robert Greene | 7-Year Anniversary Special (Episode 250)

“One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.” -Leonardo Da Vinci


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Jordan’s Note: this is the 7-year anniversary episode of The Art of Charm Podcast.  Since we couldn’t and wouldn’t have ever done this without your support, I’ve written a special letter to you, the fans, at the end, so stay tuned for it. Here’s to another seven years and beyond. 🙂

Introspection is very important to observe our own thoughts and feelings. We should take time off to think about ourselves and access where we are in our lives. This way we discover our true passion which we can focus on and then we can develop skills to further it.

Robert Greene, a famous author with five international bestsellers to his name, talks about his books, findings and a future book which will cover how our emphatic powers are decreasing possibly due to social media.

In this episode, Robert and Jordan discuss:

  • Learning multiple languages and using them
  • How people repress things and wish a different reality
  • Whether age matters when switching your life’s task
  • Mentorship and mastery: how to get a mentor by offering something back
  • And the process of seeing people as they are
  • What The Art of Charm, Robert Greene, Mastery and the 48 Laws of Power have in common
  • How to find your life’s task or purpose and pursue it mercilessly

Having skills is not the only necessary thing, but they are important. You should also have social intelligence and be good with people. Pay attention to the details of other people and only then you can master your own skills.

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