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Toolbox: Biggest Myth With Small Talk & 3 Mistakes to Avoid

In today’s episode, we cover the science of small talk with AJ and Johnny.  Small talk can feel like a chore these days, but why is it important that we make small talk with people throughout the day, how do we make it fun and engaging, and why is it detrimental to our relationships and community to avoid or ignore … Read More

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The Cheat Code to Building Deep Relationships and Being Unforgettable Toolbox

In today’s episode, we cover emotional bids with AJ and Johnny. Understanding emotional bids is the cheat code to building great relationships, but what are they, how do you recognize them, and why does ignoring them lead to the end of relationships? What to Listen For Why are Emotional Bids Important – 2:25  Why is it so important to your … Read More

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Toolbox: The Myth About Friendship and 3 Ways to Make a Deeper Connection

In today’s episode, we cover emotional connection with Michael Herold. Michael is the instructor for the Art of Charm’s Core Confidence program and uses evidence-based psychotherapy to help clients overcome their social anxiety and become the best versions of themselves. In today’s data-driven world, many of us are struggling to connect with those around us because we don’t know how … Read More

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