Toolbox | 7 Simple Ways to Identify Toxic Relationships and 5 Powerful Tips to Remove Them

Toolbox | 7 Simple Ways to Identify Toxic Relationships and 5 Powerful Tips to Remove Them

In today’s episode, we cover toxic relationships with AJ, Johnny, and Michael.

Toxic relationships can suck the joy and satisfaction out of our lives, so what can you do to recognize the toxic relationships in your life, what can you do to remove them, and what traits should you look for when bringing new people into your life? 

What to Listen For

  • What makes a toxic person toxic – 0:00
  • What one question can you ask yourself to determine if someone in your life is toxic?
  • What situations draw out toxic people in our lives and how can we recognize them when they show themselves?
  • Identifying toxic people in your life – 11:49
  • What simple methods can you use to identify toxic relationships in your life?
  • How can your own self-awareness help you recognize why you are surrounding yourself with certain people?
  • What can you do to support friends and family who have different values than you?
  • The 7 signs of toxic people  – 22:44 
  • What are the 3 ways toxic people will try to control you and stop you from pursuing your goals?
  • What are 4 ways your generosity can be taken advantage of by toxic individuals?
  • The 3 high value traits of non-toxic people – 51:03 
  • What traits should you look for in potential friends and professional connections?
  • Removing toxic people from your life – 54:54 
  • What are 5 ways to remove toxic people from your life?

Loneliness and toxic relationships have been on the rise over the last couple of decades. But what does it mean for a relationship to be toxic? The easiest way is to ask yourself, “Is this person taking away happiness or purpose from my life?” Now, no one is perfect so there might be moments when you feel that way about a person, but if you feel that way consistently about someone, it’s time to see if their behavior is on our list of 7 traits of toxic people and then determine how you want to handle it.

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