John Corcoran | Systemize Your Networking (Episode 254)

“All good businesses are personal. The best businesses are very personal.” -Mark Cuban

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Building relationships by networking is applicable in all industries. When you have a strong network, you receive many opportunities (more than if you are not), and you become irreplaceable.

John Corcoran of Smart Business Revolution tells us how to systemize our networking and relationship-building process. As a former White House writer who worked with President Clinton and others of that caliber, he talks about how networking has helped him, as well as the nuts and bolts related to it.

He gives us many real-life examples of successful people and icons that started small but ended up big because of their ability to build relationships with people.

In this episode, we also discuss:

  • Why it’s all about who you know and why that’s a good thing (instead of something to whine about).
  • How to start developing a network like a ninja.
  • The keys to sparking interesting conversations and developing contacts just by hanging out with people.
  • How to network even when you don’t know anyone, feel as if you have nothing to offer, and don’t have any money.
  • Finding the right people to connect with at events and parties.
  • Why you need to be developing new networks all the time.
  • Getting over the fear of being fake.
  • The importance of following up with your networks and making those follow-ups count.
  • How to measure your networking “results” and ensure you’re getting ROI for your time and efforts building your network.

Even though it is really valuable, networking doesn’t actually cost anything. There might always be someone who can outwork you, but your networking skills are irreplaceable. Competition in networking is low and it just adds value to you, to them, and to everyone’s lives.

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