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Young people kissing on sunsetWhen is the right time to make your move? It’s one of the most common questions that we get here at The Art of Charm. Guys feel like they have a lot of the fundamentals down, but they fall flat because they don’t know when they’re supposed to lean in for the kiss. We get it. It’s not like someone taught this in school. So we’re here to give you some dating tips that are going to help you to know when to start going for that kiss every time. Here’s our dating tips on how to know when to make the move.

Signs That She’s Interested (Will be pretty extensive)

The question isn’t “when is the right time to make your move.” It’s “how do I know if she’s interested.” When women are interested, it’s usually pretty unmistakable. But you need to know how to read the language of attraction to really make sure that you know when she’s into you. Some of the common signs that she’s interested in you include:

  • Body Angle: If she’s turned more toward you than away, that’s a sign of interest. If she’s turned more away than toward you, that might be a sign that she’s not interested.

  • Touch: Has she touched you at all? Even in “accidental” sorts of ways? When it comes to women, there are rarely any accidents, so if she keeps “accidentally” touching you, that’s probably a sign that she’s interested.

  • Laughing at Your Jokes: There are two reasons women laugh at jokes: First, you’re actually funny, in which case she probably likes you. Second, your jokes aren’t that funny, but she likes you, so she thinks they are. Either way, you’re golden.

  • Standing Closely: Do you stand closely to women that you’re not interested in? Neither do women.

  • Initiating Conversation: Whether you walk away and she comes and finds you or the conversation has a lull and she reignites it, she’s not going to prolong an interaction with a guy that she’s not into.

Any one of these dating tips on their own might not mean anything. When they start piling up, that’s when you know that she’s interested. Once you’ve ticked two or three boxes, that’s a good sign that she’s interested. But is it the right time?

Realizing That There’s No “Right” Time

Here’s the thing: There is no “right time.” There’s a “wrong” time, to be sure, but a “right” time? No. All there are is a series of high points in an interaction. You can pick any of those that feels right and make it the right time.

Don’t wait to strike while the iron is hot. Make the iron hot by striking.

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