How To Text Girls And Common Mistakes To Avoid

How to Text GirlsKnowing how to text girls is incredibly important nowadays.  Phone calls are basically a thing of the past at this point and texting has taken center stage.  This can be a bad thing or a great thing, depending on how good your texting skills are.

Sadly, lots of guys tend to make the same mistakes over and over when texting girls.  And one wrong text can be all it takes to turn a girl off for good.

Here are some of the common errors guys make when texting, along with some alternative suggestions for how to text girls.  Following these points will help you avoid the devastating mistakes other guys keep making. 

Take time to respond

One mistake guys make is always responding immediately to whatever text they get.  These guys don’t realize that there’s something to be gained if you’re patient when responding to a text.

For starters, that space that exists after she’s sent a text and is waiting for a response creates tension.  There’s a bit of mystery and curiosity in regards to what your thoughts of her text are and how you’ll respond.  She’s thinking of you in an excited and curious way.  The minute she gets the response that anticipation is gone.

Also, if you always reply immediately it can look as though you’ve got nothing better to do than to stare at your phone and hope it goes off.  Taking time to respond shows you’ve got other shit going on in your life.  Girls respect a guy who’s out there taking care of business more than a guy who eagerly and instantly responds to her every whim.

Relax and have fun

Have you ever received one of those long, multi-page texts from someone – the kind with a serious tone where the person is opening up, venting, or simply giving you a piece of their mind?  Seeing a long text or one with such a serious tone often makes the person receiving the message think: “I don’t want to deal with this…”

When a girl gets a text from you, you want her to have a positive reaction.  A text with a serious or upsetting emotional tone – or just one that’s very long – won’t put her in a mood where she’s happy and excited to continue texting you.  If you’ve got a lot to say, or need to talk about something serious/emotional…pick up the phone or see her in person.  Texting is about keeping things fun, light and playful.

Avoid short replies

Let’s say you get this text from a girl:

“I’m stuck at work and won’t be able to meet you until 8”

A common mistake guys make is replying with a simple “k”.  A short reply like this makes a girl think you’re being short with her because you just don’t care.  And that’s a fair thought.  That response is literally the least amount of effort you could put into a text (and shows zero personality).

You don’t have to be elaborate, but beefing it up to something like “okie dokie” or “sounds good J” at least shows a bit of effort.  It shows you thought about what she had to say for longer than .00001 seconds.

Leave on a high note

When you have a great text conversation it can be tempting to keep it going.  And going.  And going. Next thing you know it’s gone on too long and all the fun and excitement has withered away.

If you let a conversation run too long she’ll get bored.  It doesn’t matter how great the conversation was at first, she’s going to remember that bored feeling she was left with and will associate that with you.

It’s always better to end a conversation too early than to drag it on too long.  Cut it off early and it leaves her wanting more.  She’ll get excited to receive that next text from you because she’ll have fun, positive feelings associated with you.

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