Should You Ask Her Out? 5 Signs a Girl Likes You

fotolia_49032425Does she like you or is she just being nice? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question before, you need to read this article. At The Art of Charm we know some guys who are great with women, but still don’t know when it’s time to bite the bullet and ask her out on a date. While by no means extensive, these are five pretty clear signs a girl likes you.

She Laughs at Your Jokes

True story: While women love funny guys, they also think that guys they like are funny. Either way, if she’s laughing at your jokes, that’s a clear sign that she likes you.

She Asks If You Have a Girlfriend

This is pretty much a direct hit: A girl who isn’t interested in you doesn’t care if you have a girlfriend or not. If she asks about your girlfriend, she’s into. Another variant of this is saying how weird it is that you’re single. Why is it weird? Because you’re awesome and she would love to date someone like you, that’s why.

She Keeps Making Eye Contact

People who aren’t interested in you don’t make eye contact. They look somewhere else — most likely around the room in search of someone else to talk to. On the other hand, if she’s hanging on your every word, she’s not doing it to spare your feelings. Whether it’s a coworker or that girl at the deli, if she’s really into everything you say, feel free to go ahead and ask her out.

She Has Heavy Positive Body Language

When we say “positive body language” at The Art of Charm, that means the degree to which someone is facing you. People generally speak to one another with their bodies angled in some way or another. The more a person is angled toward you, the more “positive” is their body language, the more interested they are in what you’re saying and you in general. When you’re speaking a woman and she’s almost always angled toward you (or even better, facing you dead on) that’s one of the signs a girl likes you.

She Initiates Contact

Is she initiating contact with you? Again, she’s not doing it to spare your feelings. One of the easiest ways to get someone out of your life that you don’t want in it is to stop contacting them. Think about it: This is something that you’ve done at least once in your life. On the other hand, if someone is always initiating contact with you, that’s one of the sure signs a girl likes you, and a cue for you to ask her out on that date.

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