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Upgrade your Social and Relationship-building Skills, your Business Savvy and your Lifestyle. And do it all for Free. With over 400 episodes and 400+ hours of content, The Art of Charm Podcast can be pretty overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. This page contains some of our favorite episodes, divided among recent favorites, the most educational “toolbox” series, and some other classic and fun interviews. You can start at any point on this page, so feel free to jump around! If you like what you hear, subscribe! Click to “one click subscribe” in iTunes, or download the episodes right from this page. Are you a poweruser? Check out our RSS feed. or Get The Podcast-only Audio Feed So without further ado, enjoy The Art of Charm Podcast! (…or, learn more about us here)

Recent Hits

Episode #395: Olivia Fox Cabane | The Science of Creativity and Genius

Have you ever had a eureka moment? A split second flash of genius? Whether you have or not, there’s now a way to create that experience on demand. And here to tell us more is Olivia Fox Cabane.

Olivia is the author of The Charisma Myth and joins us to discuss the fascinating science of creativity and genius on today’s show. Listen in for all of that and more on episode 395 of The Art of Charm.

Episode #393: Alex Kouts | The Art of Public Speaking

Supposedly human beings fear public speaking more than anything, including death! Our guest for today says there’s sociological and scientific reasoning for that fear, he also explains what it is and how we can overcome it.

Alex Kouts, a former guest of The Art of Charm, returns to talk about how public speaking impacts our communication. He also shares how public speaking can improve our communication and make a difference in our lives, even if we aren’t giving a speech or presentation. Listen in for all of that and more on episode 393 of The Art of Charm.

Episode #392: Simon Sinek | Start With Why

Far too many of us go to jobs we don’t love today. Have you ever wondered if there’s a cost to doing so? Or if there really is a way to enjoy, even love, the work we do every day? Our guest for today’s show yes to both questions.

Simon Sinek, best-selling author, visionary and speaker, joins us to talk about how to start with why, how to be a leader no matter your title, and how to find fulfillment in every area of your life. Listen in for all of that and more on episode 392 of The Art of Charm.

Episode #390: Nev Medhora | How to Crash Parties and Grow Your Network

Did you watch Wedding Crashers and think it looked like fun? Our guest for today’s show has mastered how to crash parties, but he did it to get ahead in life.

Nev Medhora is a copywriting expert and online marketer who grew his network by mingling with rich, connected people he met at parties he crashed. Listen in to find out how to expertly crash parties and grow your network too. All of that and more on episode 390 of The Art of Charm.

Episode #388: Gretchen Rubin | Mastering Happiness

If you’ve tried to change habits in the past but haven’t succeeded you’ll want to hear what today’s guest has to say on the matter. Gretchen Rubin is the three-time best-selling author who has made a study of happiness and habits.

We talk about her books, including her book Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Everyday Life, and the finer points of habit-formation and happiness  on episode 388 of The Art of Charm.

Episode #378: Chalene Johnson | Push: The Real Way to Set and Achieve Goals

All of us have set goals, gotten pumped up to achieve them only for that enthusiasm to fade and those goals to go unreached. Many of us have repeated this pattern over and over again with the same result.

What if all along what we’ve been taught about setting and achieving goals has been wrong? Our guest for today’s episode, Chalene Johnson, says there is one key step no one else talks about. Her book Push is about that very subject: the missing yet crucial step to setting and achieve goals. We dive into that and more on this episode of The Art of Charm.

Episode #363: Dr. Chris Ryan | Sex At Dawn

Monogamy is what we’ve all been told is the norm for human sexual relationships. But is that the truth or are we happiest in open relationships? What role does biology play in our preferences? And do women really desire as many sexual partners as men do?

Here to discuss the answers to all of those fascinating questions, and much more is Dr. Chris Ryan. Dr. Ryan holds a PhD in psychology and has co-authored the book Sex At Dawn. He’ll tell us all about that and so much more on episode 363 of The Art of Charm.

Episode #359: Marsha Shandur | Saying Yes to Networking

Do you like networking or is it just a necessary evil only to be done when absolutely necessary? Whether you like it, hate it or think you’re terrible at it, our guest for today’s show will have advice, suggestions and tools you can put to good use immediately.

Marsha Shandur is a networking expert and coach who helps people enjoy networking, and become very good at it. On today’s episode we talk about why networking can be and really is fun, when you approach it the right away. We also discuss how to get over your fear of striking up conversations at events, how to properly follow up after an event for maximum impact, and how to create long-lasting connections that become solid relationships over time. All of that and much more on episode 359 of The Art of Charm.

Episode #350: Steve Sisler | How to Read People

Beyond any degree, any certification, any technical skill set, the most important factor in how far you go in your career, and every area of life is how well you connect with people. On The Art of Charm we’ve highlighted people and studies that prove this, and today we’re joined by a guest who is considered one of the best at this art.

On today’s show is Steve Sisler, behavioral analyst. But he’s not just any behavioral analyst, he’s been called a people reading savant! And when you hear him on episode 350, you’ll know why. We cover how he does what he does, tips he has for you on how to read people, and so much more on today’s edition of The Art of Charm.

Episode #330: Peter Sage, Why Certainty Is A Myth

Most people in the world are living with situations and experiences that don’t serve them, all for the sake of certainty. Perhaps they even know what they’re doing, but they don’t change. Why? Because living with certainty (even if it means being unhappy) is easier for most of us than living with uncertainty.

Here to explain why this is human nature and how we can break free from it to live healthier and more fulfilling lives is Peter Sage. Peter is a highly accomplished serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker and extreme athlete. Today he joins us to talk about why certainty isn’t real, and how applying that knowledge can shift our mindset, our relationships and our entire lives ..and so much more on the 330th episode of The Art of Charm.

Episode #326: Alex Kouts, The Art of Negotiating

What would you think of someone who asked for a raise at their job 7 times in 2 years? Would you think they were nuts or would you think they might have some suggestions you can learn from about negotiating?

If you said the latter, today’s show is for you. Alex Kouts is here to talk the art of negotiating. His background includes starting out in business development, which means he was basically a professional negotiator for his company. He shares with us a ton of practical tips on how to ask for what we want in any setting from a job offer to buying a mattress and what tools we have available right now to get started. Listen in for all of that and more on this edition of The Art of Charm.

Episode #309: Adam Gilbert, The Psychology of Change

Have you ever tried to lose weight, stop drinking, start a business and a new exercise program at the same time? Did you fail and wonder why? Health and fitness psychology expert, Adam Gilbert, would say you took on too much at one time.

There’s a psychology to making changes that last and Adam is here to give us the golden nuggets on that very topic. Join us for episode 309 as we talk about the psychology of weight loss, why you sabotage yourself and others do too, why discomfort is the perfect compass and the most common roadblocks he sees with his clients.

Episode #302:Arel Moodie, The Art of Likability

Arel Moodie is a true rags to riches story. He climbed his way out of the projects in Brooklyn to become a keynote speaker at the White House, a millionaire and one of Inc Magazine’s 30 Under 30. He’s also contributed to Forbes, and delivered a TedX talk. All on the subject of likability.

He joins The Art of Charm today to share with us what likability is, why it had such an impact on his upward mobility from the projects in Brooklyn and how to cultivate and authentically apply it in your personal and professional life.

Episode #284: Dr. Isaiah Hankel, Black Hole Focus

Most people believe charisma is something you’ve either got or you don’t – that you’re somehow born with it. Not so according to our guest for episode 284.

Dr. Isaiah Hankel is an author, biotech consultant and successful owner of three multi-national businesses. He’s worked with clients such as Amgen, Pfizer and Roche. And he’s presented at such esteemed academic institutions as Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge and The Curie Institute.

Episode #281: Vanessa Van Edwards, How to Read People Like a Book

Imagine what you could do if you could always know what someone else was really thinking – no matter what they were saying to you. How would that change your work life, your life at home and your relationships?

Here to help you do just that is Vanessa Van Edwards of the Science of People, a human behavior research lab. She’s joins the Art of Charm podcast to give us the inside scoop on human behavior, micro-expressions, being a human lie detector and how to read people like a book.


Episode #276: Peter Voogd, Game Changers

Success requires a lot more than knowing your goals and having the energy to pursue them, it also requires you to be different and exceptional and to use your brain and mind to seize each day rather than your emotions.

Peter Voog started out as an entrepreneur at the age of 15. He says doing so saved him because he couldn’t pay attention in school and he was never good at working for others. Entrepreneurship was the logical choice for him.

In this episode, Peter tells us why ambition and energy are not enough to thrive in this economy and why self-education and taking action aren’t always the best paths.

Episode #254: John Corcoran, Systemize Your Networking

John Corcoran of Smart Business Revolution tells us how to systemize our networking and relationship-building process, including:

  • Why it’s all about who you know and why that’s a GOOD thing (instead of something to whine about)
  • How to start developing a network like a ninja
  • How to network even when you don’t know anyone, “have nothing to offer” and don’t have any money
  • How to spark interesting conversations and connections
  • Finding the RIGHT people to connect with at events and parties
  • Getting over the ‘fear of being fake’
  • Following up with connections and making them count
  • How to measure your networking ‘results’ and ensuring you’re getting ROI for your time and efforts building your network

Episode #213: AJ Harbinger

AJ Harbinger & Jordan Harbinger discuss why generating attraction is a piece of CAKE and The Art of Charm’s new book, Attraction Alchemy.

Episode #209 & Episode 210: Susan Winter, Relationship Coach

Part 1

Part 2

Susan Winter and Jordan Harbinger have an epic two-part conversation about relationships and relationship management. This will be one for the “best of” page in no time. Topics this week and next: -How to decide on (and screen in) the type of women you want for a relationship -How to answer the “What Are We?” question -How to establish personal boundaries in a relationship -How to handle conflict within a relationship -How to handle the transition from the ‘honeymoon phase’ to a real relationship -Handling common issues & hurdles in a relationship -How to handle her past -How to handle your future as a couple -Jealousy/possessiveness -What to do when she’s pulling away -What to do when she drops ‘The L-Bomb’

BONUS Episode: Man School with Jordan Harbinger, “I was kidnapped…TWICE!”

This is an episode where I, Jordan Harbinger am the guest rather than the host. In this show, I talk about how I got kidnapped not once, but TWICE, and why I’m here to tell the story. I’ll let Caleb describe his own show… — Thanks to everyone who checked out Jordan Harbinger’s amazing stories on Class #2 “I Was Kidnapped… Twice!” Here’s some of the unusual stuff that Jordan talked about… Class Takeaways: Kidnapping advice: If you are being held against your will, fight against going to a secondary location. “The place where no one can hear you scream.” Knowing the local language helps. Having some self-defense skills can give you an advantage. The police in another country may play by very different rules than they do where you’re from. Come up with an edge. (At one point, Jordan pretended he was sleeping.) “You live and die by your people skills.” A friend with a big mouth can get you in a whole lot of trouble.

Episode #191: Ryan Holiday, “Trust Me, I’m Lying”

Marketing expert and author Ryan Holiday drops by to discuss:

  • His new book and why it turns conventional marketing on its head
  • Why dropping out of college was the best thing he ever did
  • How to give value and network with celebrities
  • How to get your dream job(s)

Episode #190: Lt. Col. Jason LeDuc, United States Air Force

We’ve all heard Networking is a very powerful skill, and that it’s not WHAT you know, but WHO you know.  However, in the military, a lot of this game is played while the majority of the participants are unaware, or sitting on the sideline. We at The Art of Charm crew first decided to do this show after hearing from a LOT of our military clients that “networking isn’t important in the armed forces” -something we just could not believe.  In this episode, AoC program graduate Lt. Col. LeDuc shatters this myth, and gives some seriously helpful (and simple!) tips for networking in the military, obtaining coveted assignments, and  garnering support for your career on your way to the top. Guest Bio: Lieutenant Colonel Jason LeDuc is currently assigned to the Air War College Distance Learning Program at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. He has served on active duty in the US Air Force for almost 18 years including assignments at Edwards Air Force Base, California; Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts; and Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. He has worked a variety of assignments from basic research and development at the Air Force Research Laboratory Rocket Propulsion Site; as a project engineer and flight test director for radar and electronic warfare systems; as well rapid development and test of systems for Air Force Space Command. He has deployed to the Combined Air and Space Operations Center, Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar as an operations planner and to the Office of Security Cooperation – Iraq in Baghdad as a Foreign Military Sales case manager. He has a Bachelors of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from Boston University and a Masters of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University. He is also a graduate of the US Air Force Air War College Distance Learning program.

Episode #182: Erin, former CIA operative

Erin emailed me out of the blue one day telling me that what we do and talk about at AoC is “remarkably similar” to what’s taught by the CIA at “The Farm”. Obviously, my curiosity was piqued, and after verifying that she was the real deal, we decided to do a show together. From 2000 to 2010, Erin served as an Operations officer with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), with seven years experience in managing overseas collection operations and counterterrorism activities for the intelligence community. She served as an operations officer in several critical posts in the Middle East as well as extensive travel in Africa, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia, and is experienced in Arab and South Asian issues and cultures. Erin has extensive experience in recruiting appropriate personnel to work within the intelligence community, and has been recognized by senior Agency management for her leadership, planning, organizational abilities and excellent interpersonal skills. In this episode of the show, we take a look at: -Establishing rapport, and why it’s the “gateway” to achieve what you are looking for. -Giving-to-get -Confidence vs. Arrogance -Eliciting information Of course, I also picked Erin’s brain about whether or not she’d had any close calls while on duty, how she got her job (the answer WILL surprise you), and about which CIA skills she uses every day.

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