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746: The Kobe Bryant Episode

746: The Kobe Bryant Episode

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About This Episode

We all go through various acts in our lives, and each act carries with it its own challenges and relationships, so how can you take the experience, battle scars, and lessons you learned in one act as you transition into the next?

What to Listen For

  • How did Kobe Bryant’s relationship with Phil Jackson influence his Wizenard series of books?
  • Why is it important to embrace the adversity in life rather than avoiding it?
  • What are the biggest life lessons Kobe wants you to take away from his Wizenard book series?
  • Is vulnerability a sign of weakness?
  • How does having children change you as a person and the way you perceive yourself?
  • How can an unwillingness to go the extra mile actually be indicative of a fear of failure rather than simply avoiding extra work?
  • How do you assemble an inner circle of people you can trust?
  • If championships were Kobe Bryant’s Mt Everest in the past, what is his Mt Everest now and how is he going to conquer it?
  • Who are Kobe Bryant’s mentors as he enters the 2nd act of his life?

Life is a journey, not a destination, and if you look at your own journey you can usually split it up into segments, each with its own defining theme or challenge you had to overcome. The wonderful aspect of looking at your life in this way is that it allows you to identify what you learned and the strengths you gained from each segment. Every challenge you overcome in life strengthens you, grants you more wisdom, and makes you a more capable human overall.

Adversity in life is key to strengthening you physically, mentally, and emotionally. We should not try to avoid adversity, but to seek it, embrace it, and rely on it to make us better.

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