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741: Train Your “Happy” | Q&A w/ Christoph Schnedlitz of hiMoment

741: Train Your “Happy” | Q&A w/ Christoph Schnedlitz of hiMoment

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About This Episode

Happiness is not a destination, but what does it mean to enjoy the journey, especially when the journey is bound to have rough patches, and what daily habit can you start doing now to make the journey a happy one?

What to Listen For

  • How can journaling improve your overall happiness and what one question can you use as a prompt everyday to get you started on the right track?
  • Why do the big moments we look forward to (graduation, wedding, promotion, etc) have little to no impact on our overall happiness?
  • Is the difference between happy people and unhappy people the events in their lives or the way they perceive the events?
  • If happiness is a choice, what can you do to maximize that choice?
  • How do your friends, family, and coworkers influence your ability to be happy?
  • If you’re going through a break up, what can you do to help mitigate the pain and sadness you feel so you don’t get stuck?
  • How can striving for success for the wrong reasons lead to you failing to be happy?
  • What is contributing to all of the misinformation about happiness?
  • How do you deal with the endless potential comparison forced upon us by social media?

Your happiness is like a muscle, one that needs regular training in order to get stronger and one that can atrophy if it is left alone for too long. You’re not going to get stronger if you train once or twice a year, so when it comes to your happiness, you’re not going to get happier if you rely on the occasional event throughout the year.

The biggest difference between happy people and unhappy people is not the events in their lives, but the way they perceive the events in their lives. If you allow the events to determine how happy you can be, you’ll never be as happy as someone who decides to be happy regardless of the events in their lives.

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