How to Know if She’s Interested in You? 5 Attraction Signs

A lot of men have trouble picking up on the signs a woman is attracted to you. You can have the best game in the world, but if you can’t see signs she is attracted to you, you’re definitely going to have a hard time making it happen. Knowing the signs that a woman is attracted to you will make your dating life a lot easier and allow you to be much more effective. Read on to learn how to make it happen for you.

Attraction Sign 1: She Initiates Conversations

Is your phone blowing up with her phone calls and texts? Congratulations. Those are clear signs she is attracted to you. If she weren’t she wouldn’t want to talk to you. While her responding your texts doesn’t necessarily mean one thing or another, if she’s always getting in touch with you, that’s a clear and unmistakable sign of female attraction.

Attraction Sign 2: She Does Things For You

It doesn’t matter if the things that she does with you are little. Dropping by your work to bring you lunch, giving you a backrub while you two watch a movie or letting you borrow her car while yours is in the shop. These are all “small” things, but they’re not things that she’s going to do for you if she’s not attracted to you. The short answer is that if a woman is going out of her way to do anything for you, she’s into you.

Attraction Sign 3: She Gets Jealous

If you mention another girl — even a good, long-time friend — how does she react? If the answer is “with more than a hint of jealousy,” congratulations, that’s one of the signs a woman is attracted to you. Girls who are attracted to you and interested in moving things forward are jealous of their female competition. It doesn’t matter if you and a girl are “just friends,” the girl that your dating will still be jealous of her if she’s attracted to you enough to move things forward. On a smaller scale, if you’ve just been talking to a girl on a night out and she wants to know who the other girls you’re talking to are, that’s definitely a sign of attraction as well. This may even be signs a woman is in love with you.

Attraction Sign 4: She Wants More of Your Time

This is an attraction sign you can see in both the long and the short term: Whether you’ve been talking to a woman out at a bar or you two have been dating for a while, if she wants more of your time and more of your attention, you can be sure that she’s attracted to you. You might not have more time to give, but the good news is, when your time is scarce that’s just going to make her want it even more.

Attraction Sign 5: She Talks About Your Future

I love these signs of attraction from a woman. This can be something as simple as a girl saying something like “If we were dating…” when you’ve been chatting with her at a bar for an hour. Whatever it is, if a girl starts talking about your future and you have a part in it, you can rest assured that it’s one of the signs a woman is attracted to you.

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