Getting Out of the House: Where to Find Girls

Guys are always asking “Where can I meet women?”  Sure there’s always the bar scene and online dating, but what if you want to meet women another way?  What if you want to walk out of the house on a Sunday afternoon and start meeting women then?  If that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for, here’s a list of places you can go to meet women at almost any time of day.

A busy street

If you find yourself wondering “Where can I meet women?” all you need to do is head downtown or to a busy sidewalk.  Once you’re there it’s only a matter of time until beautiful women start walking by.

Once you’re there meeting women is fairly simple.  As a girl passes by all you’ve got to do is place yourself about 5-8 feet in front of her, make eye contact and smile.  (It can also help to raise your hand up around your belly button and put it about two feet in front of you – palm facing down.  Breaking the space like this will keep you from appearing confrontational).  From there just be authentic and simply say something like “Hi, you’re really cute, my name is ___”.  A simple, straightforward opening like that is often all you need to get a conversation going.

The coffee shop

Coffee shops are another great answer to the “Where can I meet women?” question.  Even if the girls you want to talk to always appear busy (they’re reading or working on a computer) you can still have a lot of success meeting women in coffee shops.  The fact is if you can start a fun conversation, there’s a good chance these women will see you as a welcome break from whatever they were doing.

That’s why a great way to start a conversation with a girl at a coffee shop is by throwing out some fun, light-hearted banter.  Throw out a playful comment or tease her about the book she’s reading or work she’s doing.  If she’s receptive to your banter ask if she’d like some company (or just sit down and join her).  Being this direct and joining her may feel awkward if you’ve never done it before, but if you act as if it’s no big deal then she’ll be able to see it that way too.

Bookstores and libraries

Bookstores and libraries are great places to meet intelligent, high-quality women.  And meeting girls in these places isn’t really any different than meeting girls in coffee shops or on the street.  You can be direct, or just throw out some fun, playful banter.

And don’t forget, when going to coffee shops, bookstores, or any other retail shop you don’t have to limit yourself to only chatting up female customers.  Go ahead and start a fun, flirty conversation with the women on staff, too.  People tend to get pretty bored at work, so throwing out some playful, flirty banter can be a welcome relief for these girls on an otherwise uneventful workday.  (For tips on how to banter check out this article here as well as the Art of Charm’s banter cheat sheet)

The Park

If it’s a nice day then stop asking “Where can I meet women”” and just march on down to the local park.  There’s bound to be women scattered about having lunch, reading, or just sun bathing.

A great banter line to use in this situation is to walk up to a girl and say “Excuse me, I’m trying to enjoy nature here but you’re too cute and it’s distracting”.  When you say a line like this, (or any other banter line), remember to keep a smile on your face.  That way she’ll know you’re playing around, and she’ll feel more comfortable engaging in the conversation.

The grocery store

Guys who are asking “Where can I meet women?” don’t have to go out of their way to start meeting more women.  They just have to start taking advantage of the places they already frequent that are often filled with women – such as the supermarket.

The supermarket is a great place for you to add a touch of fun and excitement to the woman’s day.  An easy way to do this is would be to peek into a woman’s cart and with a smile ask “So what are you cooking me for dinner tonight?”  Diving into some flirty banter like this right off the bat is a great way to get a fun, engaging conversation rolling.

Tips on Approaching

No matter what location you choose to solve the “Where can I meet women?” problem, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help you have success:

First, be sure to show strong, confident body language anytime you approach a woman.  Keep your head up, back straight, and shoulders rolled comfortably down and back.  Make eye contact and give her a warm smile.  To keep yourself from getting nervous and overthinking, focus on taking slow breathes deep into your belly as you approach.  The combination of all these things will help you project a confident, friendly vibe to the women you meet.

Second, make sure you have the right attitude when approaching women.  Act as if the girls you meet are already into you.  Approach each interaction with the mindset that you’ve got nothing to prove and nothing to gain from these conversations.  You’re just looking to have fun and meet this cute girl who has caught your eye.  By adopting these attitudes it’ll be easier for her to relax and feel comfortable with you.

Finally, for best results, don’t limit your approaches to just stunning women.  Playfully banter with whoever crosses your path – both guys and girls.  Get those social muscles warmed up and by the time you see that stunning girl, it’ll be no trouble to walk up and get a fun conversation going.

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