Why the Beach is the Best Place to Meet Girls

It might seem crazy, but at The Art of Charm, we think that the beach might just be the best place to meet girls. If you’ve got a beach near you and you’re not using it as a place to meet women, think again: Spend a little more time there with an eye toward getting your game on and you’ll find out why we think it’s one of the top places to meet girls.

It’s Fun

There’s no two ways about it: The beach is fun. So when you start talking to a woman on the beach, chances are pretty good that she’s already having a great time. This means that you don’t have to overcome anything negative. She’s having fun, she’s feeling good, she’s going to be more receptive to your approach precisely because beach is such a fun place to go. The beach is more or less the opposite of the library and a sort of Bizarro version of the gym. Take advantage.

You’re Being Active

When guys head to the beach, it’s usually to be active. Whether you’re playing volleyball or swimming the ocean or having a surf, you’re doing something other than just laying there. Getting her involved in your activity can be one of the best ways for you to open up and start getting to know her. Best of all, if you’re throwing some kind of party on the beach, you can invite her on over. What’s more, when you’re being active, you’re also looking your best, which is important.

It’s Where the Girls Are

Why did Dillinger rob banks? It’s where they keep money. Why do you go to the beach? Because it’s where girls are. If you want to meet women you have to go to where they are. So head on down to the beach and get some face time in with some of the loveliest ladies in your area code.

Let’s not miss this point, either: The bikini issue. They’re wearing them. The girls you want to meet that is. If you’re looking for the best place to meet girls, it kind of seems like a no-brainer. So why aren’t you down at the beach already?

Your Own Mood Is Up

You’re out being active, catching some rays and having a great time. What better opportunity is there to talk to women? You should always be in a good mood, feeling upbeat and having fun when you try to talk to women. If you’re a man who loves the beach and loves the water, there’s no two ways about it — you need to head down to the beach and start meeting some ladies where you’re feeling your best.

It’s Romantic

Maybe you’re not into that kind of thing, but she is. Here’s the deal with the beach and romancing: You can easily turn your “pleased to meet you” time into your “getting to know you” time into your “making memories together” time. No other venue affords the opportunity to accelerate a relationship with someone you just met quite as quickly as the beach.

Now that you see why the beach is perhaps the best place to meet girls, take advantage of the few remaining days of summer and have some time for yourself and someone else by the shore.

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