Best Places to Meet Girls

The first places that come to mind when thinking about places to meet girls are often bars and clubs.  But there are tons of places just as good – if not better – for meeting high-quality women.  If you want to branch out from the bar scene and find new places to meet girls, here are a few areas to check out:

Art Shows

Museums and art shows are great places to meet girls.  One reason is that art shows tend to attract a certain type of intelligent, high-quality woman.  They also provide easy conversation starters as you can start discussing the piece of art right in front you.  Simply asking “So what do you think of this?” is all it takes to get the ball rolling.  You can even dive easily into some fun, light-hearted banter by joking about all the “hidden meanings” inside the artwork.

The cool thing about art shows is they happen more frequently than you might expect.  Even if you don’t live near a major gallery or museum there’s a good chance a local coffee shop (or other local venue) hosts occasional art showings.  You can easily check the local paper or do a quick Google search to find art shows in your area.


Volunteer activities are some of the best places to meet women out there.  Why?  For starters if you meet a girl while volunteering then you already know you have similar interests and passions.  So you’re starting off with a great foundation for whatever kind of relationship you choose to pursue.  Second, the types of women who volunteer are generally the kind of caring, intelligent women most guys want to date.  This works in reverse as well, as women would love to date the kind of man who volunteers his time to help others.  Finally, women would love to meet a guy through a volunteering activity.  They’d be much more excited to tell their friends all about that one awesome guy they met volunteering than the 3,000th guy she met at the bar.

Dance Class

When looking for the best places to meet girls you don’t need to look any further than a dance class.  The fact is that nearly every dance class out there is starved of men.  So just by showing up to that swing, salsa, or tango class (or whatever dance class you choose) you’re already seen as a welcome addition.

But the benefits of meeting women through a dance class go way beyond the fact that they’re packed with women.  When you take a dance class you get the chance to dance with all the other women there.  That gives you one-on-one face time to banter with and get to know each girl.  The environment is perfect too, since you’re all just there to learn, be social, and have some fun.  It provides a great bonding experience that can have you feeling close to one another very quickly.

Yoga class

As touched on in the previous section the best places to meet girls tend to be the places where there are lots of girls but few guys.  And there aren’t many places as loaded with women (while being devoid of men) as a yoga class.

The trick to meeting women in a yoga class is to do it either before or after class.  In some classes you’ll have a chance to chat with the girls sitting next to you before things get started.  That can be a great time to say hi, make small talk, and just get comfortable talking with one another.  When class is over you’ll have the chance to strike up another conversation in the lobby or parking lot.  Since people tend to be in a good mood after yoga you’ll likely find the girls to be friendly and responsive.


Since everything is done online nowadays the internet has turned into one of the best places to meet women there is.  Whether it’s a dating app like Tinder or a site like, you’ll be able to find scores of women actively looking for men by going online.

The key to having success with online dating – regardless of the site or app you use – is to create a killer profile.  And the first step in doing that is choosing the right pictures.  Good pictures will show women a lifestyle that they’d want to be a part of.  So use pictures that highlight the most exciting and enjoyable aspects of your life. Shots of you traveling or doing some activity (snowboarding, a music festival, etc.) will generate much more interest and attention than a selfie in the bathroom mirror.

Social circle

When looking for the best places to meet women don’t forget that one area that’s right under your nose: your social circle.  After all meeting women through a mutual friend is far easier than approaching women cold.  And since you’re friends with the same people, any girl you meet this way can automatically assume you’re a cool guy worth knowing.

To take advantage of this way of meeting women look to expand your social circle as much as possible.  How can you do that?  You can start by pursuing all the avenues mentioned above.  But rather than looking to date or hook up with the women you meet in that dance or yoga class, just look to make friends.  Invite a girl to hang with you and your crew and tell her she’s welcome to bring her friends along as well.  Now instead of getting to know just that one girl you’ll have the opportunity to get to know a whole bunch of awesome women.

The next step in meeting women

Once you know the best places to meet girls the next step is learning how to approach a girl in any environment.  To learn the ins and outs of approaching women, click here.

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