Find Me a Woman for Valentine’s Day – How to Deal with Singledom in February

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We get a lot more guys coming to us in February wanting to know how we can “find me a woman.” Here’s the bad news: We can’t. The good news is that The Art of Charm can teach you how to get out there and get a date in time for Valentine’s Day: We can even show you how to find a woman on Valentine’s Day. Read on to hear how to make it happen.

Suitor and RosesYou Can Get a Date By Valentine’s Day

First, we want to tell you something: You can get a date by Valentine’s Day. This is true even if you are reading this on Valentine’s Day morning. This is because you’re not the only one looking for a date on Valentine’s Day; Lots of women are doing it too. However, let’s assume that you have a little (but not a lot) more time than that. Let’s assume that you have somewhere between a couple days and a week. Read on: You’re in good hands and you can find a woman to go out with on Valentine’s Day.

Setting Goals at the Club

When you make your next trip to the club, you need to be in mission mode. This means that you have to set goals. There are two main goals to have in mind when you head out to the club to find your Valentine’s Day date:

  1. Approach Women: If your mindset is “find me a woman,” than as a man, you need to approach women. So when a woman catches your eye, talk to her. Set a reasonable goal based on both how outgoing you are, as well as how full the club is. Then approach that many women throughout the course of the night.
  2. Get Numbers: This number might be smaller than the above or it might be the same, but it’s good to have a goal. You don’t have to — and should not — try to get “every” girl’s phone number; Only the women with whom you have a real connection and rapport.

Set goals and follow through. That’s how you do it. Make a connection, follow up on it and get yourself a date for Valentine’s Day.

Using Online Dating

Online dating is popular for good reasons: It’s a quick and easy way to find someone that you have something in common with. In keeping with our two tips above, these are two tips that are going to help you to meet the right woman for this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Filtering Out: You can’t and don’t want to date everyone. Use your profile to talk about who you’re looking for — and who you’re not. Don’t feel the need to respond to every woman who messages you. Just the ones that you have a connection with.
  2. Filtering In: At the same time, you need to let some people in. You’re doing this in part by saying what you’re looking for. The other side of it is pursuing women that you have something in common with, taking the initiative and setting up a date.

Remember that online dating is a means to an end: The ultimate goal here is to get a date. In this case, you want to get a date for Valentine’s Day.

Meeting a Girl on Valentine’s Day

If all else fails, find me a woman on Valentine’s Day. There are tons of single women out at the bars on Valentine’s Day. A lot of them aren’t necessarily looking to meet guys that night, but if you’re the guy who makes her feel good about being single, that’s a huge foot in the door.

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