Dating Online – Tips for the 21st Century Man

Internet DatingOnline dating can be a fantastic way to meet incredible woman – if you know what you’re doing.  To make sure you are one of those men knows how to succeed in meeting women online, follow the dating online tips below.

Use a headshot

One of the simplest dating online  tips is to make sure that at least one of your pictures is a handsome, good-looking headshot.  To get that handsome look use a picture where you’re looking away from the camera with a stoic expression on your face.  Women tend to find this expression to be particularly attractive so it’s a good one to have in the mix.  Plus, when you have a picture that shows your face clearly it lets women see that you have nothing to hide.

If you don’t have a good headshot already have a friend take one for you.  If possible use a high-quality camera.  This will make a difference and have you looking even better in your picture.  Just be sure to turn the flash off so you don’t have all these wrinkles and blemishes showing up.

The ‘About Me’ Section

When writing your profile be sure use short, clear sentences.  Make the paragraphs small (1-4 sentences) as that will keep it punchy and easy to read.

As for the content you want to briefly mention some of your favorite hobbies and areas of interests.  As a general rule the more detail you can provide here the more interesting your profile will be.  For example just saying “I like karaoke” is a bland, lifeless statement.  But saying “I do a killer Michael Jackson at karaoke” is far more likely to pique her interest.  It paints a specific picture in her head which allows her to see exactly what it’d be like to spend time with you.

Your Overall Vibe

So many guys who use online dating are lonely and desperate – and that attitude comes across clear as day in how they write their profiles.  When dating online, tips to remember are to keep a positive, upbeat tone to your writing.

One of the best ways to make sure you have this tone is to write your profile when you are in a good mood.  Before you start writing get yourself in a positive frame of mind by going out and getting a bit of exercise.  Once those endorphins are flowing and you’re feeling good sit down and start writing.  This positive attitude is going to come across in your writing and as a result women will be more drawn to you.

How to get what you want

One of the key dating online tips for success is to know exactly what you’re looking for before you even start.  You’ve got to know the type of woman you’re looking for and the type of relationship you want – and state this in your profile.  This will help you in a couple of ways:

First, it will make you more attractive to women right away by showing that you have standards and are a man who knows what he wants.  Second, stating what you want in your profile lets you filter out all the women who would just be a waste of time.  Finally, when a woman sees that you are looking for a certain kind of girl – and that she fits that description perfectly – she’s going to be that much more excited to meet you.

Sending Messages

If a woman has caught you’re attention and you want to start a conversation, send her a message (NOT a ‘wink’ or ‘poke’).  Let her see that you’ve got the courage to put yourself out there and take that first step in getting to know her.

As for what to send in that first message here are a couple guidelines you can follow:  First, keep the message short and sweet, around 2-4 sentences.  Keep the tone light (perhaps throw in a joke) and mention something specific to her profile (that way she knows you’re interested in her – and this isn’t just a mass message).  Finally, make it easy for her to respond and continue the interaction by asking her a question.

Planning the date

After you’ve broken the ice and got to know her a bit better it’s time to ask the girl on the date.  Exactly when you ask a girl out can make all the difference in the world.  For example, asking a girl out in the first message is often a mistake.  Women like a challenge and asking a girl out right away makes it too easy and makes a guy look too eager.  If you wait too long however, you risk becoming a pen-pal and getting stuck in the friend-zone.  What you want to do then is ask the girl out after you’ve sent 2-3 messages.  This shows you require a bit of effort on her part before you ask her out.  It also shows you have interest in her that goes beyond email.

Getting the most from online dating

A lot of the dating online tips out there never mention just how to use online dating sites.  It’s a shame, as one of the reasons men get poor results with online dating is they simply don’t know how to use it.  Some men will hardly ever glance at it (and get nowhere), while others will spend hours scanning every profile and trying to compose perfect messages (and waste a ton of time).

To get the most out of online dating use it consistently yet briefly.  Look to spend just 15 minutes a day with it and message just 2-3 girls in that time.  A little bit of consistent effort means it’ll just be a matter of time until you wind up with more dates than you know what to do with.

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