Top 3 Places to Avoid for Meeting Women

Wondering where to meet women? You’re not alone. Some places are great for meeting women and other places are… less great. We’re not so much telling you not to try to meet women here. We’re just pointing out that these are — by their very nature — some of the harder places to meet women. Consider this the advanced levels for more practiced students of The Art of Charm to hone their skills.


Again, The Art of Charm is the last place that’s going to tell you that there’s bad places for meeting women (maybe a funeral.) It’s just that some places are easier places to initiate conversations and make connections than others. The best approach is stop obsessing over where to meet women and just look at every location and interaction as a promising opportunity. Still, you’ll find that the following locations can present certain challenges.

Where She Works

Especially in the service industry, people have to be nice to you. It’s just part of what they do for a living. What this means is that you’re at a bit of an unsporting advantage when you chat up a woman at her place of work. However, you wouldn’t be the first guy in human history to meet the woman of his dreams while she’s on the clock. The trick here is to give her enough room to work. You want to get in and get out quickly so that she can do what she needs to do. Get her number, then set something up for a time when the two of you can be a little more relaxed and get to know each other a little better.

Where You Work

Here you’ve got the opposite problem — you can’t be too nice too quickly or you risk alienating a customer, client or co-worker. The last one is a special problem, not just because of awkwardness. There are legal ramifications involved. You want to tread lightly here and evaluate the situation. It is a customer? You might never see them again, so you need to act quickly. At the same time, you don’t want to be so aggressive that they complain about you to potential customers and never come back. Tread lightly, but don’t write off the place you work as a potential venue for meeting women.

At the Gym

A lot of guys feel uncomfortable meeting women at the gym and we understand why, we really do: Everyone is sweaty and they’re there with a goal — one that has nothing to do with meeting other people. Much like when you talk to someone at their place of work, the trick here is to get in and get out with the quickness. Don’t distract her from what she’s doing… not too much anyway. Instead, be more tactical about it. Have a plan when you go in and execute it quickly. Get her number, chat a little bit more and then bounce.

If you’re still wondering where to meet women, just remember that there really are no wrong places to meet women. There are just some places that are more challenging than others. Men should see these opportunities to exercise their skills at a higher level as just that — opportunities.

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