Where to Meet Women When You’re Traveling

Whether you’re going somewhere to meet women or just going somewhere and want to meet women while you’re there, you might be a bit intimidated by the prospect of meeting women while you travel: Don’t be. In fact, fewer things are more fun than heading to an unknown place and chatting up women. Indeed, you might find that a lot of the pressure is taken off because you’re away from your home base and in the magical land of travel. Here are some basic pointers on where you can meet women while traveling, along with some other tips.

Why Meeting Women When Traveling is the Same as Meeting Them at Home

This is the main thing that you need to know about where to meet women when you travel: The same skills that you use at your home base apply everywhere in the world. You might not even speak the language (more on this later), but the basic techniques and processes are going to work from Australia to Austria, from Michigan to Mozambique. Get the basics down and you’re going to have success with women no matter where you find yourself; You don’t have to learn a whole new “language of love” to attract women when you travel.

The International Language: Using Your “Foreignness” To Your Advantage

A little secret that most men don’t know about travel: You being “foreign” (even if “foreign” means “Texan in Boston”) can really work to your advantage. Think about it: Do you find “exotic” women sexy, even if the only thing that’s exotic about them is an accent? Women often feel the same way about men. You can either see your differences as a liability or an asset: It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy and the choice is all yours.

Where to Meet Women: At the Hostel / Hotel Bar

Why go further than you have to? You have an easy opportunity where to meet women at hostels and hotel bars. Especially for the man backpacking or on a business trip, there are few better places. Women here tend to be interested in chatting if nothing else and you can use your superior social skills to take things further. Plus, you two immediately have something to talk about: You’re both traveling.

At the Hottest Clubs (And Where to Find Them)

Of course, some men feel more adventurous: They want to go somewhere amazing in every city that they go to. For these men, there are the hottest bars and clubs in any city. But how do you find them?

If you’re going somewhere without a travel guide for the city, you’re basically flying blind. Get one: They’re cheap, especially second hand. Beyond that, check out the local weekly or the local edition of Time Out. That will let you know where the best stuff is in any given city.

In Public Parks

Especially in Europe, public parks are more places for social interaction than they are in the United States. You should feel significantly less intimidated about approaching European woman in public parks than in America. Just remember to put on your “A” game and be a gentleman at all times. Otherwise, the same basic rules that apply to any social situation apply here.

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