Where and How to Meet Women

Where and How to Meet WomenWhile online dating is bigger than ever, a lot of men still prefer to meet women the old fashioned way, out in the wild. If you’ve been out of the game for a while or are just seriously dipping your toe into it for the first time, you might be at a loss for where and how to meet women. The where and how is the first question that needs to be answered for you to have the social life that you crave.

Common Places

There’s nothing wrong with the old standbys of bars and clubs. First of all, there are tons of women there and they’re there for the express purpose of socializing. This makes it one of the best ways to meet single women. What’s more, going out to a bar and a club is fun in its own right. This allows you to relax and focus on having a good time, rather than worrying about how things are going with the ladies… which in turn will probably make you more successful with them anyway.

Less Common Places

Maybe a bar or a club isn’t your scene. Maybe you just want to expand your repertoire. Whatever your reasons, checking out other places is good for you and trying to meet women outside of the normal approved channels is always a good thing, if only because it expands your palate. Coffee shops have been called “the thinking man’s bar” and are probably one of the best places to meet women among non-bar-and-club places, if you’re wondering how to meet beautiful women in a less cliched way. Other good places are art galleries and book stores, both of which offer ready made opportunities for chatting women up.

Truly Daring

When you get really good at talking to women, you’re going to be able to do it when they’re walking down the street, waiting for a bus or just about anywhere. A lot of men have to work up to this, but once you get there, you’ll realize that you can talk to women literally anywhere that they’re found.


When you approach a woman the right way, you get things going on the right foot. What’s more, how you approach a woman is essentially the same, regardless of where you’re doing it. Here’s a quick guide to how to nail your approach every time:

  • Approach Immediately: This is one of the biggest things you can do. Don’t wait. Just do it. Walk up to her as soon as you notice her.
  • Walk Tall: When you approach, have good posture. Stand up straight with your shoulders back and relaxed.
  • Big Smile: A big smile communicates that you are friendly and nonthreatening.
  • Opening the Dialogue: When you start talking to her, start with playful, light, content-free banter. The point at first is to get her to laugh and smile, allowing her to relax and have a good time around you.

Follow this advice and you will nail your approach every time, giving you the perfect beginning to any interaction.

Bonus: Getting Her Number

Particularly if you’re talking to a woman on the street, you want to know how to get her number quickly and easily so that you two can continue the interaction later. Here’s how it should go down:

  • Wait for a high point in the interaction. You want to strike while the iron is hot, not while it’s cooling.
  • Have your phone ready to receive her number. Do all the work for her so all she has to do is input her number into your phone.
  • Hand her your phone. Break her personal space bubble with your phone.
  • Tell her that you need her number to get in touch. Don’t make it a question. Just tell her that you need her number so you two can get together some time
  • Talk about awesome date ideas. While she’s entering her number into your phone, drop a couple awesome date ideas on her.

Meeting women isn’t hard — not once you know The Art of Charm methods. Check out our other posts in the Art of Dating to start learning the simple, straightforward methods that will teach you how to meet women and help you to level up your social game, netting you more and better dates.

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