Five Secrets to Attracting Women

That you want to allure and not deter women is obvious. How you can do that is slightly less so. You might not want to spend a lot of time figuring it out, either. So for those looking for a quick cheat sheet before heading out for the evening, we present this brief list of five secrets to attracting women rather than deterring them. While nothing is a substitute for more rigorous training from The Art of Charm, this simple guide should be enough to get you started.

Dressing Right

Dressing right isn’t about wearing the hottest fashions. Truth told, it’s about two things:

  • Wearing Clothes That Fit You: This is 9/10ths of dressing right — wearing clothes that fit you properly. A lot of guys aren’t sure what fits them “properly.” For that we advise you head down to the nearest shop and ask the best-looking salesgirl there to help you find the right fit… before you get her number.
  • Wearing Clothes You Feel Good In: The other 1/10th is just wearing stuff you like, stuff that makes you feel good about yourself and that expresses your personality. Every guy has his own style and it doesn’t really matter what that is. It just matters that you have a clear sense of what’s “you” and what’s not. Believe me — you’ll know the second you try it on.

Looking Good

Much like dressing right, looking good is a lot more basic than what you think. If we had to boil it down to some simple stuff it would be these:

  • Get your haircut regularly, at least every six weeks.
  • Shower and shave or trim your beard before you head out for the night.
  • Stand up straight and smile; No two things will make you look quite so confident.
  • Behave in a confident manner — for example high fiving random dudes.

This is all really basic stuff that any man can start doing tonight to level up his game.

Always Approach

One of the things we identified that women find “creepy” are guys who hover around, not making a move. Don’t be that guy. Instead, be the confident guy who approaches a woman almost immediately after he notices her. Believe us when we say that she noticed you checking her out. The longer you wait, the harder it’s going to be to succeed.

Surround Yourself With Awesome Dudes

You know who attracts the right kind of attention? Guys who travel in packs together — guys who are being social, having a great time and overall giving off a positive vibe. When you head out for the night, you want to be with other guys giving off the kinds of positive energy that you want to be giving off. That’s the best way to seem like the right kind of guy women want to talk to and it is also one of the biggest secrets to attracting women.

Listen Actively

One of the things we hear time and again that women can’t stand is guys who don’t listen to them — actively. There’s listening and there’s listening and you want to be the guy who listens. Pay attention to what she says, look her in the eye and say something to her so she knows that you’ve been paying attention. It’s really not that hard, but most guys just aren’t doing this. If you can, you’ll have a great night tonight.

These five secrets to attracting women will help you cover the basics the next time you are out on a first time date or celebrating an anniversary.

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