How to Attract Girls of Quality

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A lot of men have the problem where they’re meeting women — just not the right women. At The Art of Charm, we strongly believe that quality is at least as important as quantity; probably more. Want to learn how to attract girls of quality? This is a quick guide that will get you started on increasing the quality of your dating life.

Defining Quality

What we mean by quality is the first thing we need to talk about before we really get going. “Quality” in this case means that you have a more enjoyable and meaningful time with a woman. Something that you should realize is that you’re far better off with a less attractive woman that you have a great time with than you are with a knockout who bores you to death or with whom you have no chemistry.

Filtering Out

A lot of men can already attract women of quality. The problem is that they date so many low-quality women that they just don’t have time for the higher-quality women left in their schedule. However, you only have so much time and the first step toward how to attract girls of quality is to start filtering out low-quality women. Imagine that you already have a smartphone filled with high-quality women’s number. Operate from this mindset when trying to attract women.

Filtering In

At the same time, you might be one of the men who filters too many women out. It’s not that we’re opposed to men having high standards; quite the contrary. However, we want you to be sure that you’re letting the right ones in as long as keeping the wrong ones out. If you’re never going on dates, as opposed to going on lots of dates that are going nowhere, you’re probably filtering too many people out and need to start letting girls of quality into your life.

Valuing Yourself

Want to know how to attract girls of high quality? Valuing yourself. This means that you need to cultivate confidence. One of the best ways to do that is to start acting confident. This is called “fake it until you make it” and it’s not wishful thinking — it’s hard science. Simple things like a good smile and proper posture are the best way that a man who isn’t confident can start cultivating confidence. This in turns makes people see you as a more confident person, which also makes you more confident. This is a “righteous cycle” that can dramatically improve the quality of your life.

Valuing Your Time

This is a part of filtering: You need to put your career first, then self-improvement, interests and hobbies. Then and only then will you have time for your social life. This sends the unspoken message that your time has value. You can’t just get together “whenever.” You need to get together at a time that is convenient for you, when you aren’t engaged in one of the other pursuits in your life.

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