How to Attract A Girl You Like

Want to know how to attract a girl you like?  Start by realizing that everything you say and do matters.  The way you carry yourself, your attitude, what you say to the girl, your lifestyle – it’s all going to impact your ability to get the girl to like you. For details on how to use these areas to attract a girl you like, check out the attraction tips for men below.

fotolia_61292856Attract women with confidence    

We all know that women want a man with confidence.  So in order to attract the girl you like, you’ve got to show her you’re the confident man women want.  One of the easiest ways to project confidence with women is through your body language.

 Confident body language means keeping your spine straight (like a string is being pulled from your tailbone up through the crown of your head), head up, and shoulders rolled back.  From there, ensure your body movements are purposeful and controlled.  Avoid fidgeting and nervous habits (biting fingernails, toying with your phone, etc) as they show insecurity and anxiety.  (For more on how to attract a girl you like through body language, check out the Art of Charm podcast on body language and attraction.)

Simply displaying this kind of confident body language will actually help you feel more confident.  As your confidence builds, it’ll become that much easier to get women attracted to you.

Attract women with your attitude

Attracting women is all about having the right attitude.  A positive, upbeat attitude will rub off on women and get women to feel good when they’re around you –which is best way to attract a girl.

If you want to project that positive attitude that attracts women, be sure to avoid approval-seeking mindsets and behaviors.  For example, don’t start a conversation with a woman with the intention of trying to get something from her (like a phone number).  Instead, have a giving mindset.  See your conversations with women as a chance to give value and brighten her day.

For example, one thing you can do in your conversations with women is to find something about the girl you appreciate – and let her know you appreciate it (yep, a simple compliment).  Expressing your appreciation for a woman -without any agenda or desire to get a certain reaction from her – will get a woman to feel good and makes a woman want to give back to you.

Flirting with women you like

Flirting with women adds a bit of sexuality to your conversations with women.  This is going to help you get the woman attracted to you and see you as a sexual option in her life.

There’s a particular banter technique you can use to flirt with women anytime.  All you do is pretend as though the woman you’re talking to is trying to hit on you.  During your conversations with the woman, you can playfully throw out banter lines like “Hey I’m not that easy”, “Are you trying to take advantage of me?” or “Let’s see if you’ve got game.  Give me your best pickup line”.  Be sure to keep a smile on your face as you say these banter lines as that lets her know you’re just having fun.  (For more check out the Art of Charm podcasts on how to banter with women)

More ways to flirt with women

To take your flirting with women to the next level and ramp up the sexual tension even higher, be sure to bring touch into the mix. Physical contact releases endorphins and oxytocin in the brain – which means touch alone will get a girl to start feeling good and it’s one of the best ways to attract a girl.

To break the touch barrier be sure to start touching early and often in your conversations with women.  Start by using light, playful taps around the elbow and as time progresses, touch her for longer periods of time and move your touch to more intimate areas (her arm, back, shoulder, etc).

Keep in mind that when you remover your touch, that flow of oxytocin and endorphins stops.  So removing your touch is key in building sexual tension as it gets women wanting your touch once again.

Build rapport with women

Attracting women and flirting with women is great to start, but if you want this to be more than just a flash in the pan then you’ll need to build rapport with women.

Building rapport with women means sharing your emotions with her and having her open up and share her emotions with you.  For example, asking a girl a question like “what was the coolest places you’ve ever visited?” can be a great way to build rapport with a woman.  From there, you can really dive in and get to know her on an emotional level.  You can learn about what her experience was like, what she loved about that place, what she learned from it, etc.  Really listen and then relate a similar emotional experience from your own life.  Sharing that emotional content is what gets women to feel connected to you and how to attract a girl you like.

Attract women with your lifestyle

Attracting women isn’t just about showing confidence and having good conversation.  It’s also about presenting an attractive lifestyle – one that she would want to join.

A simple way to do this is to find something cool and interesting that’s going on (something you’d want to do anyway) and invite her to go along with you.  She’ll learn that spending time with you adds more fun and excitement to her own life and see you as someone that makes her entire life better.  (If you’re not sure of any events going on that would be fun, check out your local paper for ideas.  Or just listen to the Art of Charm Podcast on first date tips for men )

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