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Book Review: Rewire Your Brain by John Arden
Book Review: Rewire Your Brain by John Arden

“If you want to change your life, you need to change your brain”   One of the big finds in recent neuroscience is the discovery of neuroplasticity.  Our brains are not hard-wired from birth.  If there is something your brain does that you don’t like (a bad habit you developed, an undesirable personality trait, negative […]

Tim Ferriss | 4-Hour Chef & 4-Hour Workweek (Episode 178)
Tim Ferriss | 4-Hour Chef & 4-Hour Workweek (Episode 178)

Holy crap!  The Tim Ferriss interview!  Finally! (Jordan’s note: We literally released this at midnight Eastern time on Nov 20th so that we’re the first interview Tim could give after his book was officially launched — take that…everyone else!) His new book is out and AJ and Jordan talk with Tim about: Meta-Learning Life-Hacking Startups Innovations that will […]

Anxiety Disco Book Coversation
Episode #177: Eric Disco, ApproachAnxiety.com

Eric Disco, founder of approanxiety.com and dating coach since 2006 stops by to discuss his new book “She’s Six Steps Away” -an excellent step-by-step approach guide for guys who have trouble starting conversations. Eric has appeared on CNN & Psychology Today and now, more importantly, PickUp Podcast. 😉 Jordan and Eric discuss: ·         What is approach anxiety? ·         […]