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Sam Vaknin, Psychopathic Narcissist (Episode #231)

Sam tells us about being a narcissist, what causes these conditions, and why he's so dangerous.

“As a psychopath I abuse as thoughtlessly and automatically as you breathe … I find it pleasurable to inflict pain on people.”  – Sam Vaknin Narcissism is a destructive pattern that can affect all the dimensions of someone’s personality. Narcissistic people believe that they are the center of the universe and they are capable of sucking the life out of … Read More

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AoC Toolbox | Relationship Red Flags (Episode 230)

We’ve identified over 20 of the most surprising red flags that can pop up in a relationship.

We’ve identified over 20 of the most surprising relationship red flags for you to watch out for here! Which red flags do you see in yourself? Relationship red flags may seem small and are very easy to excuse. And here’s the tricky part: many of these overlooked warning signs are your actions or inactions, and not your partner’s. (Direct Download … Read More

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The Art of Charm Valentine's Day Attraction Toolkit (Bonus)

Quit spending Valentine's Day alone! We discuss getting a Valentine.

Happy Friday! Welcome to Day 2 of our special two-podcast week. QUICK NOTE: This week, we’re answering your toughest questions on women and dating in preparation for our first ever LIVE Web training “Make Her Chase You.” The training is happening Tuesday, 2/11 at 9pm EST (6pm PST) and it’s 100% FREE. This material is all new, and it’s more … Read More

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BONUS Episode: Jordan Harbinger on Colin Marshall's "Notebook on Cities and Culture" (plus an NPR segment on Human Hacking!)

Jordan Harbinger gets to discuss a bit of meta-AoC stuff and the life of a dating coach.

In this Bonus Episode, Jordan Harbinger appears on the very NPR-sounding “Colin Marshall’s Notebook on Cities and Culture,” and gets to discuss a bit of meta-AoC stuff and the life of a dating coach. In Colin’s Words: Colin Marshall sits down in Hollywood with lawyer turned social dynamics expert Jordan Harbinger, co-host of the Pickup Podcast and co-founder of confidence … Read More

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AoC Toolbox | Alumni Spotlight: Daniel (Episode 228)

Daniel went from homeless to successful entrepreneur and philanthropist using skills from AoC.

Daniel, an AoC alumnus, went from homeless to successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. In this episode, we explore how Daniel used his AoC skillset to grow, advance, and overcome — every step of the way. (Direct Download Episode Here) You’ll also like: The Art of Charm Bootcamps The Art of Charm Toolbox Best of The Art of Charm Podcast On your phone? … Read More

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Jamie Smart, Author: Clarity (Episode #227)

Jaime Smart shows individuals and organizations the keys to clarity, the ultimate leverage point.

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And, most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” -Steve Jobs Jamie Smart is a speaker, coach, trainer & author of the number 1 bestselling book, CLARITY: Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results. He shows individuals … Read More

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Erik Paquet, Travel Hacker (Abroaders.com) (Episode #226)

Erik Paquet and Jordan discuss travel hacking and ways to travel the world for free.

“Happiness is an internal function. It is completely within your power to define your own value.” – Anonymous  Travel hacking is a great tool to help you to fake it till you make it. Travel hacking started out as a casual hobby while Erik was studying at the University of Michigan. In the six years since then, he’s redeemed more … Read More

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AoC Toolbox | Relationship Foundations (Episode 225)

AJ, Johnny and Justin go through the ins and outs of your relationships.

AJ, Johnny, and Justin go through the ins and outs of setting up boundaries, continuing being your charismatic self, and putting together a solid foundation for a healthy relationship. When things go right and you’ve met someone who piques as much interest and curiosity in you as you have in them, relationships bloom. (Direct Download Episode Here) You’ll also like: … Read More

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Kim Ades, Frame of Mind Coaching (Episode #224)

Kim is one of North America's foremost experts on performance through thought management.

Kim Ades (“Addiss”), MBA is president and founder of Frame of Mind Coaching and JournalEngine (TM) Software. Author, speaker, entrepreneur, coach, and mother of 5 (yep, five). Kim is one of North America’s foremost experts on performance through thought management. By using her unique process of coaching through journaling, she works with high profile clients to unveil and switch their … Read More

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