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Matt | The Evolution of an AoC Student (Episode 150)

Matt Charm Student

Ever wondered what it was like to go through a program here at The Art of Charm? We interviewed Matt, a recent graduate of our weeklong residential Attraction program. This interview is especially insightful because not only did we interview Matt after his program, but we caught up with him beforehand to get a handle on his expectations, checked in with … Read More

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Chris Hadnagy | The Art of Human Hacking (Episode 146)

Hadnagy Social Engineering

In this particularly riveting episode of the show, Jordan Harbinger interviews Chris Hadnagy, author of Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking and curator of Social-Engineer.org, the social-engineering reference on the Web. Chris and Jordan riff on principles of Social Engineering, how many of us use it in our everyday lives without even knowing it, and how it can be used for both good … Read More

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Dr. Robert Glover | No More Mr. Nice Guy (Episode 145)

Glover Passive Empowered

Dr. Robert Glover, author of No More Mr. Nice Guy: A Proven Plan For Getting What You Want in Love, Sex, and Life (Running Press, 2003), is an internationally recognized authority on the Nice Guy Syndrome. Dr. Glover has worked with thousands of Nice Guys and their partners through therapy, groups, classes, and workshops. As a result of his work, Dr. Glover … Read More

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Jordan Harbinger & Neil Strauss in North Korea: Part 1 (Bonus)

North Korea Strauss

Join Jordan Harbinger, Neil Strauss, Gabriel Mizrahi and friends for the first podcast ever recorded inside North Korea (as far as you know). We talk about the trip so far, creepy occurrences, our reflections and ruminations and dish some crazy stories, all before the power gets cut. Enjoy, and don’t forget to catch part 2 (now available here!) with our … Read More

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Dan from CouchSurfing.org (Episode #140)

Couch Surfing

Daniel Hoffer is the co-founder of one of the best sites on the web, Couchsurfing.org Jordan’s been a member since the beginning, and can’t recommend it highly enough.  The Couchsurfing site has made some of his most amazing travel experiences possible, as Couchsurfing let’s you find people to travel with and a place to crash when you’re overseas. You can also … Read More

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Zach Browman, ‘High Status Humor’ (Episode #138)

Zach Browman Humor Funny

Our good friend Zach Browman presents High Status Humor, a new website that breaks down and teaches the elements of attractive humor. In this episode, we’ll learn: How humor breaks down into easily understandable pieces, and how you can master each of them. How humor builds sexual tension (good tension) and can ease awkward tension (bad tension) When NOT to … Read More

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Susan Kuchinskas, “The Chemistry of Connection” (Episode #137)

Oxytocin Love Hormone

Jordan sits down with Susan Kuchinskas, author of “The Chemistry of Connection” and blogger at http://www.hugthemonkey.com/ This one’s all about Oxytocin, aka the ‘cuddle hormone’. In this episode, we break down: -Why we have to learn to love -The power of the “cuddle hormone” in relationships -How sex & love are deeply entwined for both women & men -The chemical … Read More

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