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Dr. Glenn Doyle, The Doyle Practice [part 1] (Episode #168)

Doyle DC Practice

Dr. Glenn Doyle is a licensed psychologist, and founder and clinical director of The Doyle Practice in Washington, DC. Dr. Doyle founded The Doyle Practice because he wanted to branch out from the way traditional psychotherapy works, and wanted to utilize therapy that was active, research-driven, and solution-oriented. He got into the field in a rather non-traditional way, starting off college … Read More

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Colin Wright, Exile Lifestyle (Episode #167)

Wright Travel Adventure

Colin moves to a new country every 4 months, and his blog readers get to choose!  Talk about outsourcing your decision-making. He runs a few companies and has written a bunch of books, consults on branding and runs a publishing company and community. Colin’s an interesting dude, to say the least, and here on this episode of the show, he riffs with Jordan … Read More

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Leilani, High-End Escort (Episode #166)

Leilani Television Escort

Leilani is a high-end escort based on the West Coast dealing with clientele that you’ve heard of in the media, movies and television. In this episode, she and Jordan discuss everything you wanted to know and more about this secretive world. There’re stories that’ll shock you, we discuss how it works in detail, how she manages her clients and real-life … Read More

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Norm Schriever, Pushups in the Prayer Room (Episode #165)

Schriever Travel Adventure

Travel writer and author Norm Schriever kicks it with Jordan to talk about backpacking around the world, living abroad and getting into (and out of) all manner of shady travel situations. Norm’s book, Pushups in the Prayer Room, is available here at Amazon (please use our links if you buy!) 🙂 Kindle version HERE   Download audio file You might (you … Read More

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Michael Margolis, Get Storied (Episode #162)

Story Margolis Social

Michael Margolis of GetStoried.com drops by to discuss why your personal story is so important to your personal brand, whether for business or social purposes. Also: -How to tell an engaging story -How to AVOID talking about what you do for work -How to elicit other people’s stories -How you can be more interesting to others by talking LESS Enjoy!   Download … Read More

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Story Time with Ten Dollar Tom (BONUS Episode)

Dollar Tom Story Awry

Ten Dollar Tom, former spokesman ‘Gary’ of New Zealand Telecom and one of Jordan Harbinger’s North Korea 2012 travel buddies swap stories of drunken debauchery and “brilliant” plans gone awry. Episode includes: -Tom gets arrested in Italy -Jordan falls asleep on a parked car -Tom hatches a genius plan to win a drinking game only to end up with a … Read More

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Mark Davis, European Dream Connections (Episode #159)

Foreign Country Davis

Friend of the show and founder of European Dream Connections, Mark Davis stops by to discuss some of the differences between foreign women and the domestic variety, and how dating differs across cultures. Interested in heading out to Ukraine with Mark?  Check out SheIsThere.com   Download audio file You might (you WILL) also like our: Episode #136 Bryan Bayer (AMP) … Read More

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Gary Wilson, Your Brain On Porn (Episode #158)

Porn Brain Science

Watch too much porn? Having some trouble getting it up?  Losing interest in real-life women? You may not know (we had no idea), that excessive porn use can cause something called Porn-induced erectile dysfunction (ED), and contributes to depression, fatigue and biochemical / brain changes that can negatively affect you for years to come. Morality aside (we’ll stick to the science in … Read More

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