758: Three Top Tips to Dating

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Understanding social cues and nonverbal communication is arguably more important now than ever – but what does it mean to communicate with someone nonverbally, how much can you say with the delivery of words and the way you carry yourself compared to the words themselves, and why is it important to continue developing your social skills outside of dating and meeting people?

What to Listen For

  • Is dating really just a numbers game?
  • Why is initial chemistry a terrible way of determining compatibility and what should you look at instead?
  • Why is the 20th-century version of dating no longer applicable in today’s way of life?
  • How can you experience something together on the first date that contributes to cultivating chemistry?
  • Why is physical contact so important when it comes to getting to know someone you’re interested in?
  • What should you pay attention to when it comes to flirting, and what are most people incorrectly paying attention to?
  • How does your body language communicate more about you than what you say and how do you improve it so you don’t self-sabotage when meeting someone you’re genuinely interested in?
  • How do you listen with your eyes and ears and why is it so important when it comes to understanding what someone is communicating?
  • How do many of us view flirting in a conversation and how is it doing more harm than good?
  • What should you focus on when flirting with someone you’re interested in?
  • How do you pick up on when someone is flirting with you?
  • What signals can you look for to know when someone is interested in you?
  • What is the difference between negative, neutral, and positive body language and when is each one important to display in a conversation?

Social skills are arguably more important now than ever because of the way we have allowed technology to augment the way we communicate. We have mistakenly assumed the words we speak or write are the most valuable aspect of communication, and as a result, we aren’t impressing upon younger generations just how important it is to communicate with eye contact, tonality, physical contact, body language, and everything else that goes along with the words we use.

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