Tips for Online Dating: What to Watch Out For

You know how to find the right women online, but do you know how to avoid the wrong ones? You need to know common red flags to keep yourself from getting involved with the wrong women. While it’s relatively easy to see red flags when you’re dating in the real world, when dating online. Here are a few tips for online dating on what to look out for.

Low-Value Statements

This is a big giveaway that she’s not right for you: Low-value statements. Things that make her sound “crazy” or even just down on herself. Our tips for online dating are for men who are out there looking only for high-value women. Low-value statements are an instant red flag. No matter how hot she is, no matter how much you have in common, you’re only looking for women that value themselves as much as you do.

No Body Shots

We’re not saying that she has to have ten pictures of herself in a bikini. Some women are just modest and reserved about what they’ll put online and that’s fine. What should concern you, however, is when you go to a woman’s profile and there are no pictures of her below the neck. The chances are pretty slim that she’s saving the best for when you two are together and almost a metaphysical certainty that she’s trying to hide something from you.

High Maintenance

If she’s got a list of “thou shalts” and “thou shalt nots” a mile long, you can bet your bottom dollar that she’s just as high maintenance in person as she is online. You want to date women with standards, just like they want to date men who have standards. What you want to avoid, however, is a woman who has such a long list of things that have to be just so. It’s going to extend to every area of her life and that’s not something you want to get involved with.

Too Many / Too Few Words

Some women write novels on their online dating pages. Others barely write a sentence. These create two symmetrical problems: Sharing too much and not sharing nearly enough. In the first case, you probably don’t want to wade through all of the information she’s presenting you with… and in any event, it’s not exactly the best sign of things to common. In the second, she’s not giving you anything to go on, so you can’t tell if you should move forward or not.


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