Why You Should Move on From Facebook Flirting

Why You Should Move on From Facebook FlirtingIt seems like everyone is doing Facebook flirting these days. We’re into it, but we’re going to encourage you to flirt with girls on Facebook only as a means of flirting with them somewhere else — hopefully up close and in person. It’s not that Facebook flirting is bad. It’s just that it isn’t enough. Here’s why you need to move on from Facebook flirting into flirting with girls in other ways.

Importance of Body and Language and Tonality

The main thing that’s missing from any text-based communication is body language and tonality. These are the two biggest parts of communication. With Facebook flirting, all of that is missing. That’s like playing golf with one of your arms cut off. Sure you can get some of this back using emoticons and Emojis, which you should be using. However, you also need to move the conversation to more personal and intimate forums where you can use the full range of communication tools at your disposal.

Point of Online Dating is to Go on Dates

Still other guys are getting way too caught up in the art of flirting to actually get a date. Flirting with a girl on the Internet can be a hell of a lot of fun. However, it’s not a means to an end. Rather, what you’re trying to do is get her to agree to meet up with you and go on a date. Every time that you flirt with her, you need to keep that goal in mind. Even if you’re doing most of your flirting on Facebook, you need to eventually move off of that medium and into the real world — and hopefully sooner rather than later.

How to Move from Flirting to the Date

So how do you move from flirting on Facebook to getting her to go on a date with you? Well, do a bit for flirting. Keep it light. Make her smile, make her laugh. Once things are going well, then it’s time to move for the date.

A big mistake a lot of guys do is they ask for a date. Don’t. Tell her that the two of you need to get together some time and do something. What you do should be based on your previous conversations. What do the two of you have in common? What activities do you both engage in that would be fun to do together on a first date?

If she’s not into your first idea, that’s OK. First of all, it might not be the idea itself, but rather the timing. Second, just because she’s not into that idea doesn’t mean that she’s not into the idea of going on a date with you. Go ahead and throw another date idea at her. That might be the one that connects and gets you off the Internet and with her in person.

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