Flirting on Facebook and Other Social Media is a Lame Move

Flirting on Facebook is LameI could fill this article with tips for flirting on Facebook – but that would be a waste of time.  Why?  Because relying on Facebook and other social media to meet and flirt with women is a lame move.  Here are a few reasons why flirting on Facebook should be avoided- and what you can do instead.

Flirting in person shows confidence

All too often a guy will rely on Facebook when looking to take things to the next level with a girl.  Instead of asking a girl for her number or a date in person, he waits until he’s safe behind a computer.  This is often a huge mistake.  It can give the woman the impression that the guy is too scared or insecure to ask her out in person.  If she thinks that’s the case, it’ll be a huge turn-off.

If you’re interested in a girl and want to move things forward, don’t rely on Facebook or other social media.  Instead, do it in person while you have the chance.  This can be as simple as saying “Hey you’re really cool, let’s meet up Thursday for drinks/coffee.”  It may be intimidating, but just having the confidence to go for it will earn you huge points with the girl.  As a result she’ll be far or likely to say yes.

Conquer your fears

Guys are drawn to flirting on Facebook and other forms of social media because they think it’s easier.  When they’re online they don’t have to deal with the anxiety and pressure that comes up when flirting with a girl in person.  But the simple fact is that if a guy struggles to flirt with and attract women in person, then he won’t be able to flirt with and attract women online.  Even if he’s successful in flirting with women on Facebook, once he gets that date the anxiety is still going to be there.

Rather than avoiding that fear and anxiety, conquer it by facing it head-on.  Go to coffee shops, happy hours, the bookstore – wherever – and practice meeting and flirting with women.  Using a simple “Hi, you’re really cute.  My name is ____” is often you’ll need to get a conversation off and running.  This experience will help you gain confidence with women, which is going to help you in every stage of dating.

Build your social skills

Guys who want to improve their ability to meet and flirt with women can actually hurt their progress by spending time flirting on Facebook.  As touched on in the previous section, hiding behind a computer feeds that fear of flirting in person.  It makes it difficult to progress and start having real, consistent success with women.

So instead of hiding behind that computer, go out and meet women on a regular basis.  Make it a goal to approach/flirt with three women a day.  To make sure you get that experience and don’t bail, follow the two-second rule and approach any attractive woman you see within two second of seeing her.  If you’re like most guys, you’ll eventually find that it’s so fun meeting and flirting with women in person that you won’t even want to spend your time flirting on Facebook.

Control your destiny

Imagine being in the middle of a great, fun, flirty conversation over Facebook.  You’re about to take things to the next level and get the girl out on a date but before you get the chance your conversation comes to a dead halt.  Why?  Who knows.  Maybe she’s super stressed or too busy to respond.  Maybe she’s in a bad mood that caused her to give up on your conversation.  There could be a million reasons but all you know for sure is that things have gone cold and you’re back to square one.

When you put your efforts into flirting in person you’re less likely to run into these types of problems.  You can continue having a fun, exciting interaction and when it hits its peak – when you’re both really enjoying the moment and each other’s company – you can make your move and ask for her phone number/a date/go in for the kiss/etc.  And making your move at high points in the interaction like this is key.  It means she’ll be far more likely to say “yes” and go along with whatever it is you propose.

Attraction beyond words

We’ve all been in a situation where somebody has misinterpreted the tone of our text, email, or Facebook message.  This happens pretty frequently when all you have to communicate with is the written word.  It is yet another problem guys run into when flirting on Facebook.

When you flirt with a woman in person however, she is less likely to misinterpret what you say.  What’s more, if your words don’t do the trick you can always win her over with your body language, the way you speak, and your overall vibe.  The simple fact is you have far more opportunities to create attraction by flirting in person.  Plus, any attraction that’s created is going to run much deeper and last longer since it’s based on who you are, and not just what you’ve said.

To create that attraction when flirting with a woman in person keep an upbeat, positive attitude while maintaining strong, confident body language.  An easy way to think about this is that you’d want to adopt the same attitude and body language that you would have if you knew this girl was already into you.

One thing Facebook is good for

Facebook may not be a great place for flirting, but it’s a fantastic place to learn more about how to meet, flirt with, and attract women.  Just “Like” the Art of Charm on Facebook and you’ll stay up-to-date on the latest articles and podcasts that will help you take your dating life to the next level – and it’s all free.


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