How to Attract Women with Pure Personality

It’s not that money, good looks and status aren’t going to help you to attract women. It’s just that you don’t need them to do that. You can attract a woman with nothing but your personality. Don’t believe us? Read this quick guide and give it a shot tonight. You’ll be amazed at how just a little bit of attention to detail is going to teach you how to attract women like never before.

Young couple talkingStarting Strong: Make Her Smile When You Approach

If you want learn how to attract women, you’ve got to start things out on the right foot. This means getting her to smile early on. Approach her with a big smile and start with a bit of banter. Remember, the important thing isn’t to say the “perfect” thing. It’s to intrigue her a bit, open up the door to more conversation and get her interested in getting to know you. This can be as silly as something like “Wow! You would look perfect with a huge purple mohawk.” The actual words don’t matter. It’s just getting that conversation going.

Get Her to Laugh

Once you’ve started talking to her, a good early goal is to get her to laugh. Laughter shows that a woman is loosening up and relaxing a bit. When you’re in a social situation, it’s inherently stressful. Getting her to laugh creates attraction because she’s relaxing and she associates that with you. This is attraction that will last: The next morning when she wakes up and remembers the night before, consciously or not, she’s going to remember you as the guy who made her night take off.

Show Interest In Her The Right Way

A lot of men think they’re going to blow it in terms of attraction if they show interest in her. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Women are attracted to men who show interest in the right way. This is a place to let your personality shine through with just a little bit of polish. Just tell her “You seem pretty cool” or “I dig you” and then move on to the next phase of the conversation. Don’t be afraid to give her a genuine compliment, provided that it’s not about her looks — she already knows you’re attracted to her. She wants to know that you’re interested in her for more than that.

Getting to Know Her and Bonding

Once you’ve let her know that you’re interested in the right way, start getting to know each other better. Make conversation about your life, your background, your jobs, your interests and passions. Make sure that questions are open ended (for example, ask her what she likes about where she works instead of just asking her where she works) and that there’s give and take. Listen — really listen — to what she has to say. Listening to a woman is a great way to show interest and one of the best ways how to attract women with your personality.

Get Her Number and Set a Date

Get a number and set a date. Don’t ask her for her number. Just tell her that you need it so that the two of you can get together some time. Hand her your phone, ready to accept her number. While she’s entering her number in, rattle off some killer date ideas that you two could go on.


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