Learn How To Attract Women. There Is No Magic Pill.

There are so many rules and laws related to attract women that it can be a bit overwhelming. Guys, I have broken every rule out there and have still been successful. Why? Because most of these rules don’t matter. What does matter, is how you market yourself. When you meet a new person, you are essentially selling the idea of you to that person. Are you putting out the best product? How are you marketing? Does anyone want what you are selling?

There is so much bad advice out there from womens blogs, so-called gurus, your mama and your friends. Everyone thinks that if you just fix this one thing, you will be all set. That’s just not how it is. It is time to pick a path that you don’t stray from. Work on yourself. Strengthen up both your mind and your body. Once you’ve got that covered, you can start marketing yourself to women.

It’s all about meeting women comfortably and engaging them with good rapport. Then, you have to be man enough to go for what you want.

Now, if you want to get an inside track on people and gauge them more deeply, then reading body language and how a person feels about themselves is truly a fun skill to acquire. Being able to read a woman’s mind may sound like a free ticket for one night stand, but in the end, she still needs to be attracted to you.

You should focus your energy toward life skills and not just how to attract women. Your field work should be putting new techniques into practice so that when you are back in your own environment, you have a new sense and vision of your world. At The Art of Charm, this is exactly what we do. We spend time correcting your signal so that everyone is able to read it loud and clear. It can be quite agonizing bringing in people to your life if they are initially not attracted to you. This is called talking someone into something they don’t want. Ever try that? Not fun. How much easier is it to sell when you know that the customer wants the product?

Every week I hear about some new method that has a 100 percent success rate or some new opener guaranteed to make girls like you. I am a professional dating coach and have been doing this for years. I am here to tell you that it is all bullshit. There is no magic pill. If there was, do you think I would clue anyone in? Everyone would be taking the pill and no one would ever have any problems ever again. It would be a perfect world!

Reality is, you get what you put in to everything. If you want beautiful women in your life, you will have to go out and put in the work to get them in your life. Guys love coming to the Art of Charm and continue to come back because of the support system and the experience. The skills we teach transfer to every part of their everyday life.

We have always been very clear about how we go about business here. Trickery, manipulation and lies do not equal quality relationships or quality women.

I go out and get blown out just like anyone else. I make mistakes just like all of you. I talk myself out of va jay jay just like any other guy. You know why? Because every woman is different and there are too many variables to contend with. No interactions are guaranteed. You can only better your chances. I do have the skill and have done the work to get myself as mentally strong as possible. This allows me to be happy, positive, successful in all my ventures and very attractive to many women.

The best way to be successful at this is to get yourself as close to 100 percent as you can. Then, you have to  start advertising yourself (approaching, making yourself available and known) to the women you want in your life. Make sure you are advertising what is important to you. This is what we focus on and care most about; not whether or not you remembered some routine or know all the rules. Guess what? If she likes what you’re selling, you can break a lot of rules.

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