Make Women Want You for Your Personality

If you want to make women want you for your personality, all you’ve got to do is show women you’re a high-value man.  And contrary to popular belief, becoming the high-value man women desire has nothing to do with money or status.  Instead, the true value of a man can be seen in how he interacts with those around him.  For examples of what a high-value man looks like and how to attract women in your everyday life by developing the qualities of a high-value man, read on.

How to get noticed by women: be friends everyone

A high-value guy is friendly with everyone.  He doesn’t limit himself by only interacting with those who have something specific to offer (like the guys who only approach attractive women at the bar).  Instead, he is cordial and social with everyone that crosses his path.  He doesn’t just charm women, he charms everyone.

When you’re the guy who appears to be friends with everyone and can move from one group to the next seamlessly, women are going to notice.  It’s a great way to get a woman interested in you before you even approach her.

To make women want you for your personality then, show that you’re the social, friendly guy who gets along with everyone.  When you go out, be friendly towards whoever you see – the doorman, the bartender, guys, girls – it doesn’t matter.  You can become more charming simply by smiling and giving a cheers or a high-five to anyone that crosses your path.  Throw out a little banter and get a light, fun conversation going (for more on banter check out the podcasts here) with whoever happens to be near you.  Being seen as this fun, friendly guy is a great way to make women want to meet you.

Get women by giving

High-value men don’t seek value, they give it.  When meeting women – or anyone else for that matter – they look to add to the interactions, not take anything away.  More specifically, they don’t look to get approval/validation from the women and people they interact with.  Instead, they look to give those things.

If you can be the guy who shows this kind of appreciation when meeting women, you’re going to be a refreshing change from most other guys.  It will charm women and you’ll find that not only do women want to be around you, but they will develop a natural urge to reciprocate and show you appreciation back.

An easy, often overlooked way of giving value and showing a woman you appreciate her is to simply listen to what she has to say.  All too often guys are more worried about what to say to a girl next that they are not really listening to what that woman is saying.  But if you can take the time to really pay attention and understand her perspective, then she’s going to feel like you’re one of the few guys out there who really “get” her.  Creating this connection with a woman will make her interested in you that much more.

How to have a magnetic personality

High-value men know that women want a man who makes them feel good.  And so one of the easiest ways to get a woman to like you and feel good around you is to let her feed off of your own positive energy.

So when talking to a woman, don’t be negative, don’t whine, and don’t complain.  Instead, smile and focus on the positives.  Show her that wherever you are is the place to be.

A great way to help train your mind and develop the positive personality women want is to take some time each day to focus on the positive things around you.  Keep a journal and write down three things each day that went well (as well as either why it happened or what it means for you).  This exercise will help train your mind to naturally seek out the positive things in your life – which in turn will help you to naturally become more attractive to women.

Get women with humor

A high-value man knows he has nothing to prove to anyone.  So as a result, he doesn’t take himself too seriously.  He has a sense of humor about himself – which allows women to relax and feel comfortable in his presence (and that comfort is key in creating attraction with a woman).

So when talking to a girl, keep in mind it’s perfectly okay to make fun of yourself from time to time.  If you make a mistake, say the wrong thing, tell a joke that bombs – whatever it is – just laugh it off.  Make fun of yourself and your mistakes (but be careful not to be too self-deprecating).  Creating a relaxed, tension-free atmosphere through humor is a great way to get women to like you.

How to be confident with women

High-value men accept themselves for who they are.  They know they are not perfect, but they are okay with that.  And this self-acceptance is exactly what will allow you to be confident and thus make women want you (for more on this check out the Pickup Podcast Interview with Brian Bayer).

Once you accept yourself for who you are you become completely unshakable.  Nothing any woman says or does can faze you.  You’ll no longer worry about specific outcomes with women because you know whatever happens has no bearing on your own self-worth.  And as a result of that care-free attitude, you’ll naturally project a strong confidence that turns women on.

So how do you develop that self-acceptance?  You can start by breaking down the habit of seeking external validation and realizing that your self-worth does not come from the outside.  Instead, your self-worth is simply something you determine for yourself (for more on this topic I highly recommend checking out the value episodes of the Art of Charm Podcast).

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