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The Easiest, Cheapest Thing You Can Do to Get In Shape (Sprinting)

Want to get ripped in 40 minutes a week without going to the gym? Even if you're overweight, sprinting gets results. Here's how to start sprinting today!

Shawn Crawford, former US Olympic sprinter. Photo by Nick Krug. Have you ever noticed how Olympic-level sprinters look like shredded NFL safeties, but professional marathoners look like they just escaped a Siberian prison camp? They’re both runners — so shouldn’t their bodies look at least a little similar? The answer, of course, is no. And the difference lies in the … Read More

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What Happens When I Compare Myself to “Successful” People

Here are 13 reasons why you shouldn't compare yourself against the success of others. With your unique perspective, can you think of more? Share with us!

What? How? Whatever, man. I was listening to a podcast this morning (Ask Altucher) and the question James Altucher was answering was: “How much is my writing worth?” As the host read aloud the details, it turned out this guy had started writing because that’s what he really wanted to do, and people had liked it more than he expected, … Read More

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How to Enter a Room Like a Boss

Want to make a good first impression and command authority with an air of confidence? Here, John Corcoran shows us how to enter a room like a boss.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” –Will Rogers Charlie Dresow knew when he entered the courtroom that every eyeball would be trained on him. It was the first day of trial for his client, Max Wade. A child of a well-to-do family who was raised in affluent Marin County outside San Francisco, Wade was accused … Read More

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3 Ways to Make Your Email Pop

Are they opening and reading your emails? Follow these five strategies and they will.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been sharing some of our best email hacks, from mastering the call-to-action to creating killer email templates. In this piece, we’ll be focusing on stepping up your personal correspondence style — and using that style to get what you want by email. Specifically, we’ll be talking about how to create compelling subject lines, use … Read More

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