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Art of Charm Toolbox | Banter: Part 2 (Episode 8)

Art of Charm Toolbox | Banter: Part 2 (Episode 8)

This week, in the second of a two-part episode, AJ and Jordan outline another important tool: banter and role play. You’ll learn how to playfully take yourself and the women you meet mentally away from the social pressure of a pickup, allowing you to later generate solid rapport and connection.

Continued from Banter: Part 1, AJ and Jordan cover more aspects of banter, such as push/pull and other playful teasing.

“In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.” -Unknown

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What is Banter?

  • It’s the art of jovial/flirtation conversation.
  • It gets you away from the nervousness of meeting someone new.
  • It allows you to use imagination/roleplay/humor to put a girl into a friendly and flirty mindset.
  • It’s a way to make someone forget that she just met you five minutes ago.
  • It allows you to disqualify yourself in a playful manner (false disqualifier), and turn it into a roleplay.
  • It lets you use your imagination, not your logic!
  • It’s not banter.
  • It lets you flip the script on the girl. Example: Joke that she has to protect you from other girls attacking you.
  • It allows you to remember to have fun with your roleplay, not be boring or predictable.
  • It reminds you to stay away from interview questions (Where are you from? What is your job? etc.). That information will come out as you interact with her and tell each other stories.
  • It avoids conversation enders (such as sarcasm).

Negs that point out flaws are not good banter.

Use “pegs” — the opposite of negs.

Use stock banter lines if you can’t think of your own. As you get comfortable using them, make them your own and make up your own.

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