The Winning Attitude: How to Impress Girls

Basically every guy wants to know how to impress girls. While the answer varies from one girl to another, there are some commonalities that work in general. What’s more, a lot of the stuff that you’re going to do when you go out and try to meet women is just common sense. Here’s a quick intro guide to how you can start cultivating the winning attitude to impressing girls from your friends at The Art of Charm.

How to Impress Girls With Confidence

Confidence. You know that you need it. The question is how do you get it? But what if I told you that you didn’t actually need to be confident? That what you really needed was to be able to fake a little bit of confidence and that would get you a long way. OK, so how do you do that? Here are a few simple things to get your confidence engine started:

  • Posture: Nothing says “confidence” more than standing up straight with your shoulders back and your head held high.
  • Smile: A smile doesn’t just communicate confidence: It also says to everyone in the room that you’re an approachable kind of guy.
  • High Fives: We love this one. High fiving people or clinking glasses in a room makes you look like the confident man who knows everyone.
  • Approaching Immediately: You might have trouble doing this, but we assure you, it’s one of the best ways to impress the women that you’re trying to talk to.

Work on these over time, but realize that just the appearance of confidence gets much the same results as actual, inner confidence. Try it and see the difference it makes in your night.

How to Impress Girls With Flirting

Flirting isn’t as hard as you think. It’s basically made up of three components:

  • Being Fun: Being fun doesn’t mean that you have to be a dancing monkey. It just means that you should keep things light and try and make her laugh and smile.
  • Being Challenging: This is the second part of being flirtatious and what separates the men from the boys. Push back against her a little bit. Challenge her. Show her that you’re not interested in just any woman — just the right ones that are up to your standards.
  • Being Sexual: As things progress, you’re going to want to be a little more explicitly sexual with your flirting. This is how you let her know that you’re interested. Lots of guys have failed with women because she didn’t know they were interested. Make sure she knows.

Remember — flirting should be fun.

How to Impress Girls With Assertiveness

You want to lead the way in your relationships with women, even when it’s just the first time you’ve met her out at the bar or club. Move things forward with decisive assertiveness, whether it’s getting her number or going in for that first kiss.

These are really simple tips that separate the men from the boys when it comes to impressing girls. We promise, it’s a lot easier than you think. And while the results might not come as fast as you want, they’ll come sooner than you think.

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