Why You Should Practice Flirting with Women

Why You Should Practice Flirting with WomenIt’s not enough to read up on the tricks and techniques for flirting with women.  If you want to have success flirting with women – and be the guy who can charm women with ease – you need to practice.  Here are just a few reasons why:

It’s the only way to improve

It doesn’t matter how many books you read, podcasts you listen to, or ‘visualization exercises’ you practice.  The fact of the matter is the only way you’ll get better at flirting with women is through practice.  Practice is how you get good at everything else in life, so why would flirting be any different?  

A good way to practice flirting is to work on having fun, flirty conversations with women who are paid to talk to you.  Cashiers, waitresses, sales girls – it’s their job to talk to you and keep you happy.  Practice a bit of playful flirting with them and it’ll build up both your flirting skills and your confidence with women.

You’re giving women what they want

The more you practice flirting the better you get.  And the better you get at it, the more women will enjoy flirting with you.  It’s almost your duty then to improve your flirting skills.  That way you can spice up any woman’s dull, boring day with some fun, sexy conversation.

This is also a great mindset to have anytime you’re flirting with women.  If your intention when flirting is simply to brighten up her day and have a fun conversation, then you’re going to come across as confident and attractive to women.  This mindset alone will put you miles ahead of the other guys who are just flirting with women in a desperate attempt to get girls to like them.

Flirting is fun

Flirting doesn’t have to be some big serious thing.  In fact, flirting by definition isn’t serious at all.  It’s just a fun, playful way to add a bit of excitement and sexual tension to your conversations with women.  If nothing else, it’s worth practicing flirting because it’s a way for you to enjoy your conversations with women that much more.

One flirting technique you can use to make your conversations with women more exciting is a little thing called “push-pull”.  The idea is to show you’re interested in a girl while at the same time pushing her away and disqualifying yourself as a potential dating partner.  For example you might say something like “you’re so adorable… you’re like the little sister I never had”.  While this is a compliment to some degree, women don’t want to be viewed as a “little sister”.  They want to be desired.  This can get her wondering why you don’t see her in a more sexual light – and start taking steps to ensure you begin to see her that way.

Unexpected benefits of practicing flirting

If you go out just to “practice” flirting – with no goal or intention other than have fun, flirty conversations with women – something very interesting is going to happen.  During these “practice” sessions you’ll wind up with more phone numbers and dates than you know what to do with.  Even if you “mess up” frequently, simply putting forth that regular effort is going to lead you to some great successes.

But this only happens for guys who are persistent in practicing their flirting skills.  If you want to be one of them, be sure to get out there and practice often.  Make it a goal to meet and flirt with three women each day for a month.  To make sure you stick with it, give yourself a little reward after you’ve hit your goal for the day.  When you make it the whole month, give yourself a big reward.  Breaking your goals down and setting up rewards will help ensure that you stick with the plan– and get some great results.  (If you’d like some more intensepractice along with expert one-on-one coaching, check out the Art of Charm’s live training programs)

Destroy limiting beliefs

By meeting women and flirting on a regular basis you will likely strengthen some positive beliefs.  For instance you may develop an abundance mentality and begin seeing the world as a place full of attractive women that you are capable of charming.  This will have all kinds of positive effects on your interactions and relationships with women.

Once you have that abundance mentality you’ll find you no longer get worked up over any one particular interaction.  You won’t care whether or not the girl likes you, be worried about getting her number, or find yourself hung up on a girl you don’t even know that well.  Instead you’ll carry with you an intuitive understanding that if things don’t work out with this one girl there will be plenty others just around the corner.  This is going to make you that much more attractive to women as it shows you’re a guy who does not “need” any girl’s approval.

Transforming your core beliefs

Practice flirting with women and you can completely transform the core of who you are.  You’ll gain confidence and learn to see yourself in a completely different light.  If you want to accelerate this transformation try mixing this practice with a common exercise known as affirmations.

Most people use affirmations the wrong way.  They repeat a phrase over and over (such as “beautiful women are attracted to me” or “I am flirtatious with attractive women”) but they’ll never actually do anything about it.  They don’t take any action on these new beliefs and therefore nothing ever changes.  But if you repeat affirmations like the ones mentioned above while at the same time taking action that supports those affirmations, then you can actually make a change.  Your actions strengthen your beliefs, and your beliefs make it easier to take more action.  After a while being confident and flirty will simply become your natural way of being.

Learn how to flirt with women

For more tips and advice on flirting with women – including specific techniques on exactly how to flirt with women successfully, check out the Art of Charm articles on flirting and attraction.


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