Pick Up Girls Like a Pro

The Art of Charm is all about teaching you how to pick up girls like a pro. Creating attraction with the woman of your dreams is no accident; It’s a series of simple processes that any man can learn how to perform. Picking up girls like a pro isn’t about using tricks and gambits. It’s about paying a little bit of attention to some very small things that can make a very big difference.

Flirt. Man and woman flirting while a dinnerEnter the Room Walking Tall

Attraction doesn’t start when you first notice a girl. On the contrary, it starts when she first notices you. And when is that? When you first walk into the room. This is why if you want to pick up girls like a pro, you need to practice walking tall, straight and confidently. When you walk in the room tall as a tree, she’s going to notice that you’re a confident man. Add to that some high fives and glass clinks (it doesn’t matter if you actually know the person, it just matters that you look like you do) and you’re going to be the type of high value, confident man that has not trouble meeting women.

Lighten the Mood

One of the biggest mistakes that men make when they first start talking to girls is that they come on far too serious. Even seemingly innocuous questions like “Are you having fun?” or “What do you do for a living?” can put her on edge when you start out by asking them. Instead, opt for playful, light, content-free conversation. Starting out by teasing her, joking around and being playful lightens the mood. There’s no better way to pick up a girl than to make her feel at ease in an inherently stressful situation like a bar or a club.

Create a Connection

Creating a connection with a girl is one of the most powerful things that you can do when trying to pick up girls. She already knows that you think she’s hot. She wants to know that you’re interested in who she is as a person. Creating a connection with a girl is a great way to say that. Start by telling her that you’re into her in a very simple and straightforward way like “I dig you” or “You seem pretty cool.” Then start talking about things like where she grew up or what she does for a living. Remember to use open-ended questions like “What do you like about what you do for work” instead of more closed ones like “What do you do for a living?”

Take a Lap

True story: Hanging on the same girl all night can make you look a little thirsty. What’s more, it puts pressure on her. Better to take some time for yourself. Walk the bar, hit the bathroom, grab a drink, dance, flirt with other girls. She’s not going anywhere and trust us, the fact that you care about talking to her and getting to know her probably makes you a lot better fit for her than most of the other guys at the bar. Come back over after a little while and check in, start the conversation over again and keep things going. But don’t be afraid to walk away and catch your breath — and let her catch hers. Remember: Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Get Her Number

Don’t leave without getting her number. Tell her that you need her number so tha the two of you can get together sometime. Don’t phrase it like a question. Phrase it like a simple statement. Then hand her your phone, ready to take her number. While she’s entering it in, rattle off some killer date ideas that you think she’s be into. When all is said and done, send her a quick, playful text message that reminds her of who you are and gives her your number. Don’t be afraid to text the next morning to remind her of who you are.

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