Dating Tips for Guys: Where to Take Her on Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and like a lot of guys you might not have the slightest idea where to bring your girl for your special day. Fortunate, The Art of Charm isn’t just about dating tips for guys who want to get girlfriends: We’re also dating tips for guys who have girlfriends and want to keep them happy. Read on for our quick guide on how to make the most out of this Valentine’s Day.

Couple at alley in city.First Date: A Tour of the City

Let’s say that you just met a woman last week and you’re taking her out on your first date together. That’s OK! Tons of people have a first date on Valentine’s Day. The trick is to make it so that it isn’t too “formal” and that you two aren’t feeling pressured by the day. Relax: Remember that it’s just another day.

A great way to spend it? Take her on a tour of the city. Show her some cool places that she probably doesn’t know about, or even some places that she does that she’s never been to or hasn’t been to in a long time. It keeps things moving and keeps the pressure off of the two of you.

Dating for a Month: Your First Nice Dinner Together

If you guys haven’t been dating that long, Valentine’s Day is a great time to take her out for your first nice dinner together. The trick here is not to skimp. Go to a place that’s not just “nice,” it’s memorable — the type of place that she’s going to brag to her girlfriends that you brought her to. Any place that you should dress up to go is great and make sure to pick a place that she’s going to love eating at.

Making this a Valentine’s Day to remember is the best way to win her over.

Long-Term Girlfriend: Surprise Her With…

Notice that we don’t tell you what to surprise her with. That’s because it’s up to you to decide how to do this. Our dating tips here aren’t going to be as good as what you can come up with. But we can provide you with some pointers on what best to get her.

  • Make It Personal: The idea here is to show her that you know her, not that you spent a lot of money on her. That said…
  • Don’t Go Cheap: Things cost what they cost. When you find the perfect gift, don’t bargain shop for it. Get her the best you can afford of whatever it is.
  • Make It Unique: Maybe your girl likes music a lot. Using this example, which is the better gift? A rare signed program from a Katy Perry concert or an iTunes gift card? Show that you’ve put thought into her gift and she’s going to love you for it.

Where you take her after you surprise her? Your favorite restaurant or bar is a great destination, or some other meaningful place that the two of you have visited multiple times throughout your relationship — or someone utterly new, surprising and exciting. Remember: The trick to keeping a relationship going is to always be filling her with excitement.

Live-In Girlfriend: Going Above and Beyond

If you’re living with your girlfriend in a “practically married” type situation, you need to really go above and beyond. The trick here is to surprise her, excite her and bring a little mystery and romance into her life. Maybe don’t settle for a single date for Valentine’s Day, but look toward a longer excursion or trip out of the city.

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