Dating Ideas for the Adventurous

Adventurous Dating IdeasAre you an adventurous kind of guy? Are you trying to become more adventurous? If you answered yes to either of these questions, this is a must-read article. The Art of Charm has come up with some of the most adventurous dating ideas going. Not only will these keep you and your date on your toes — they’ll also help you to figure out who’s on your level when it comes to pure adrenaline.

Bungee Jumping

This is kind of the gold standard when it comes to an adventure date. The down side? It’s over pretty quickly. So basically, what we recommend is that you cap the night with this. The reason being that once you plummet hundreds of feet at the end of a springy cord, there’s not a lot of other places you can go in terms of ratcheting up the excitement. Find a place near you and hit it up.

Mountain Biking

Not an adventure in the same way as bungee jumping, this might be an even more meaningful adventure. If you have bike trails you’ve been meaning to hit up, it’s time to find a partner and conquer them. A night out dancing or walking around an art gallery has nothing on the bonding experience of several hours on top of a bike, taking in the sights, seeing how far the other one can go and camping out for a picnic lunch.

If you’re not into bikes, substitute a long-distance hike here… or better yet, do both.

Rock Climbing

Maybe you do it on a natural rock formation, maybe you hit up a rock climbing gym near you. No matter what you pick, you’ll get to see how fit the other one is. What’s more, you get to bond with a sense of danger and excitement in the air. That’s going to have her going home with goosebumps. Rock climbing further offers the opportunity for vulnerability, which is where some serious bonding can take place. Hit the smoothie bar afterward to have a debriefing session where the two of you can really get to know one another.

Camping Weekend

Granted, this isn’t going to work for a first date. This is more of a third, fourth or fifth date idea. Basically, whenever you’re ready to spend a weekend with a girl, don’t take her to an exotic location and stay in a hotel. Instead, take her to an exotic location and stay in a tent. The National Park system is greatly underutilized and even if you don’t live within striking distance of one of those, state and county parks can stand in.

Race Car Driving

File this under “adventurous but not active.” Maybe you’re the adventurous type, but you’re not really into heavily physical activity. Well, don’t be fooled: race car driving is definitely physical, albeit significantly less so than basically everything else on this list. A lot of local tracks have opportunities for people to try their hand at driving a race car. Make an appointment. If nothing else, you’re probably going to be the first guy to bring her on that kind of date.

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