5 Essential Scents That Attract Women

Probably the most essential sense when it comes to attracting women is smell. Not only can the right smell instantly begin attracting her to you, it’s also going to be the thing she remembers most about you in the long term. That’s why we tell guys to ditch the body spray; It’s not “bad” per se, it’s just that you want to smell unique — not like every other guy out at the club. But what are the best scents for you to use? You won’t be surprised to hear that some are better than others. Here are five scents that attract women we’re big fans of here at The Art of Charm.


That’s right: vanilla. It’s a versatile scent and while it might instantly strike you as “womanly,” there’s a good chance grandpa had this in his arsenal. You want to find a vanilla scent for men with muskier, manlier aromas mixed in. Vanilla and tobacco, vanilla and sandalwood and vanilla and bourbon are great examples of how you can mix plain old vanilla with other scents to get something memorable.


Another one that’s deceptively simple is lime. Back in the day, lime was added to a lot of men’s aftershaves for a lighter, more summery scent. Nowadays you can get lime in bay rum or even in a mixture basically on its own, but with a few other notes, often called “citrus musk” or “lime musk.” Use sparingly and you will cut through the smell of the bar or club right to her nose — in a good way.


Leather is a really cool scent and perhaps the uber masculine essential scent for attracting women. A little bit can go a very long way here, but when you smell like leather you evoke all kinds of feelings and thoughts: The open road, a craftsman, a cowboy, a hardworking farmhand. Leather is, in some ways, the scent of pure Americana. Don’t be surprised if she comes in a little closer to get a better whiff of you when you use just a little dab of leather scent.


Musk is basically just male pheromones concentrated. As such, a female reaction might well go beyond mere attraction — you can literally drive her wild with the smell of musk, which is why men have used it in their aftershaves and colognes since time immemorial. Whether you use it as an aftershave, wear it as cologne or burn it in incense form around your pad before she comes over, musk can be your silent ally.


Peppermint is a killer scent: Clean and immediately recognizable, it also has the property of helping you to keep your energy levels up. This can be immensely helpful when you’re having a hard night and need a little something to lift you up.

These scents that attract women will have you making the kind of lasting impression she wants.

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