5 Best Ideas for a First Date

Not sure what to do on your first date?  Here are 5 ideas that will help you have a great date every time.  From knowing where to take your date, to escalating, to saving the date when things go wrong, the tips on this article will help make sure you always get a second date.

1. Give her a new experience

The key to a great first date is separating yourself from all the other guys she’s dated in the past.  How can you do this?  By providing her with a fun experience she’s never had before.

Rather than relying on the old “dinner and a movie” date look to shake things up a bit.  Find a fun activity that the two of you can enjoy together.  An arcade (like Chuck E Cheese or Dave & Busters), a painting class, or even a real-life treasure hunt (check out http://www.geocaching.com/ to learn about that one) are surefire ways to give her a fun, different experience.  Activities like these will help you stand out in a positive way and keep the date interesting and exciting.  Plus, having a shared activity to bond over will help the conversation flow smoothly and easily.

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2. Go Dancing

Another great first date activity is to take the girl dancing.  If dancing isn’t your (or her) strong suit, then find some dance lessons going on the area.  A night of swing, salsa, tango (or whatever style you think you’d enjoy) is sure to provide a great experience for the two of you.

Perhaps the best thing about going dancing on a first date is that it gives you an excuse to touch one another.  You won’t have to worry about “breaking the touch barrier” because it will be built right into the date.  This constant touching is going to be huge in building the chemistry and sexual tension between you.

Now, some guys might read this and think “but I’m a terrible dancer!”  Doesn’t matter.  If you are willing to give it a try and have fun without caring how you look then you’re both likely to have a great time.  After all, having this attitude shows her that it’s fine if she messes up, so she’ll be able to relax and have a good time too.

3. Making the bar more fun

While activity dates are often the best way to go, meeting up for a drink can also be a fine option.  Doing so gives you an opportunity to get to know the girl a bit better so you can learn if she’s the type of girl you’d even want to go dancing with in the first place.

If you’re going to do your first date at a bar, you may want to pick one that has something going on.  Playing pool, darts, or trivia will add a bit of fun while giving the two of you something to focus on (so you won’t have to feel pressure to maintain a riveting conversation).  If no bar around you has anything fun going on then bring your own entertainment.  Simple games like Pictionary, Connect Four, or even just “people watching” can add a whole new element of enjoyment to the date.

4. Coming up with a plan B

While coming up with your plan for the date it’s also a good idea to come up with a plan B.  If the venue you want to go to is closed, full, or if the girl simply isn’t interested, then you’ll want to have something else up your sleeve.  Otherwise you could be stuck with nothing to do, which will just make it that much harder to have a fun time.

5. Go for the kiss

If you’re digging the girl then at some point during the first date it’s a good idea to go for the kiss.  Even if the girl doesn’t go for it (some girls simply refuse to kiss on the first date) it at least plants the seed and lets her know you’re interested in taking things further.  After all you don’t want to be the guy who never even tries to escalate; causing the girl leave the date thinking “I guess he’s not that interested”.

Now, guys often wait until the end of the date for the kiss.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t think you have to wait until the end.  If you build the sexual tension with a lot of touching and flirting early on, then you’ll want to go for a kiss when the sexual energy is high.  After all, if the girl is primed and ready, why would you want to wait?

Bonus: Be Prepared for a great first date

You always want to be prepared in case the date goes exceptionally well.  If the sparks are flying and you’re both having a great time then you’ll probably want to keep that momentum going.  That could mean inviting her back to your place to spend some private time together.

So before you go on a date make sure you’re ready for this next step should the opportunity arise.  Keep your house or apartment clean and inviting.  Have a bottle of wine, some dessert, and maybe a movie you’d both enjoy movie on hand to keep you both entertained.  This way you can have a reason for inviting her over while giving yourself the chance to take things to the next level.

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